Sometimes, there's nothing like a good book to comfort a child.


Even the best move can be a wrenching experience for kids torn from old friends or family left behind. Some parents spend lots of time and money proving to everyone that the move "won't change anything."

Frequent visits, phone calls, and e-mail help, but so will these books, which offer different takes on how to separate from your family and how to bring them with you:

The Long-Distance Grandmother: How To Stay Close to Distant Grandchildren by Selma Wassermann.

Why Do We Have to Move? Helping Your Child Adjust by Cynthia MacGregor and Lyle Stuart.

Moving Mom and Dad by Sarah Morse and Donna Quinn Robbins.

The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

The Moving Book: A Kids' Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis.

Goodbye House by Frank Asch.

Steiners Complete How-To-Move Handbook by Clyde and Shari Steiner.


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