Family Relationships

Build a beautiful relationship with your children to keep your family life peaceful and harmonious.

5 Breast Cancer Survivors Share the Biggest Lessons They Learned from Battling Cancer

You’re never alone when facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Knowing what others have gone through can help you navigate your own journey. Meet five survivors touched by this disease at different ages and stages.
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Why Having a Type Is Actually a Good Thing, According to Relationship Experts

Chances are, you've chosen romantic partners (even friends!) based on certain desirable qualities. New research says that having a “type” could have benefits in your relationships—like allowing you to learn, practice, and find what works.
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5 Ways to Make (and Keep) Friends in Adulthood, According to a Relationship Expert

The days of finding easy friendships in a locker buddy or soccer teammate are long gone. So how do you create those meaningful relationships with your girlfriends while also juggling career, marriage, children, bills, and general #adulting? It may not be as hard as it seems.
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Family Tips for a Successful Summer

Believe it or not, school's just about out. Hectic schedules heavy with homework and activities will soon yield to the more laid-back pace of summer.
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Teaching Values

Help your kids learn the most important lessons of all.
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More Family Relationships

Raising Good Citizens

Teach your children the "3 Rs" of good citizenship: Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness.
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Why Kids Need Hobbies

With all the time spent watching television and playing video games, many of today's children have never experienced the rewards of a hobby.
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Stop the Yelling!

It may seem that yelling at your kids will make them listen -- but the result may be the opposite of what you'd expect.