Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating is important to you and your family. Whether you're looking for healthy foods to eat or healthy eating habits, we have healthy eating advice you can start using today.

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Your Complete Probiotics Guide

Lists of probiotics are touted on yogurt labels and bottles of probiotic supplements line vitamin aisles. Learn why this "good bacteria" is one of the biggest recent food trends—and discover if you should be adding more probiotic foods to your menu.
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5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier with the Whole Family

Implementing a family routine based on real food is easier than you may think with these simple tips.
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How Much Juice Should Kids Drink?

Preschoolers who drink too much fruit juice may be at risk for height impairment and obesity.
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8 Rules for Smart Splurges

Go Ahead, Cheat a Little! It's not the kind of advice you think a nutritionist would give, but the occasional indulgence turns out to be the best way to enjoy weight loss success.
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