Weighted blankets are the latest must-have item in self-care. While most are sold for over $150, there are some retailers selling them at a more affordable price. Here's where to buy a budget-friendly blanket so you can feel the benefits of using a weighted blanket for less.

By Jenny Krane
November 19, 2018

Everyone is praising weighted blankets for their health benefits, like aiding with anxiety, restless legs, insomnia, and more. While you think, "I want to try it," it's hard to validate buying one for $200 just to test it out and see if you like it. Luckily there are a handful of retailers that are selling these self-care products for under $100.

Image courtesy of Walmart

Comfort Classics Weighted Throw Blanket with Removable Cover

If you know you're going to use your blanket a lot, Walmart's weighted blanket is a great option for you. This microfiber, twin-sized blanket has a removable cover and is machine washable so you can keep it looking brand new. It comes in tan or gray. 

Buy it: Comfort Classics Weighted Throw Blanket with Removable Cover, $65, Walmart

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Zackery Weighted Cotton Throw

You can get this cotton quilted blanket in different sizes, weights, and shades of gray. The Zackery weighted cotton throw is stain-resistant, reversible, and hypoallergenic. The quilted sections of the blanket are filled with glass beads for a small, by comforting, amount of extra weight.

Buy it: Zackery Weighted Cotton Throw, $90, Wayfair

Image courtesy of Etsy

Cozy Weighted Lap Pad

Support an independent crafter and get a customized blanket that's everything you're looking for. These handmade weighted lap blankets are super soft, and you can choose the size and fabric you want. This online retailer also makes full-sized blankets.

Buy it: Cozy Weighted Lap Pad, $35, Etsy

Image courtesy of Amazon

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

You can get an affordable weighted blanket on Amazon—who knew! These cotton blankets are available in different weights and sizes to fit any mattress. You can get a smaller blanket to use as a throw if you're looking for one that you can move easily from room to room. Get a reversible blanket in neutrals like white, black, tan or gray, or go with a fun color like purple or green.

Buy it: Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket, $86, Amazon

Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Therapedic® Weighted Blanket

If you want more isolated weight (or if your significant other REALLY doesn't want any extra weight on their side of the bed), try a small, lap-sized weighted blanket. Dark gray polyester covers the quilted sections of beads and makes this blanket a super-soft option. While it is made to be lap-sized, you can try laying it across your back, chest, hips, or legs as you lounge or sleep to see what feels best for you.

Buy it: Therapedic® Weighted Blanket, $50, Bed Bath & Beyond

Image courtesy of Target

Tranquility Weighted Throw Blanket

Get a throw blanket that doubles as a relaxation device. The Tranquility weighted blanket is made of soft, quilted material and comes in a manageable size and weight for everyday use. The best part? This weighted blanket will be a doorbuster item for Black Friday, on sale for only $50.

Buy it: Tranquility Weighted Throw Blanket, $70, Target


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