You Pace Yourself, and You Know How to Say "No."

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You're somehow able to juggle all the tasks of the day, and you manage to find some time for yourself, too.

"Women who seem to have found a balance know what gives them joy and they make sure they do some of that," says Patricia Sprinkle, a mom, mystery writer and author of Women Who Do Too Much (Zondervan Publishing, 2002).

Women who have balance in their lives know when to say "no," and they're very conscious of what they're doing in their lives, be it taking care of daily tasks, setting and reaching future goals and living for the moment.

"They're the people who know when to slow down," says Ramona Creel, founder of "They pay attention and when something doesn't feel right, if they're getting crabby or a relationship isn't right, they have an awareness that they have to slow down."

Creel says she knows she's on overload when her brain is working 24 hours a day, and she's constantly thinking of things that need to get done. That's her personal signal to slow down, and she says women who are well-organized have their own signals.

We all reach overload sometimes. Even women who seem to be on the ball have their moments of temporary insanity. Sprinkle heard common threads from the women she interviewed:

  • They take time for themselves by meditating, having a moment of silence or saying a prayer.
  • They exercise.
  • They take catnaps when they can.
  • They accept their limitations, knowing no one can do everything. They're able to say "no" to some tasks.
  • They pat themselves on the back when they do a good job, or reward themselves when they deserve it.
  • They give themselves gifts they enjoy -- one woman gives herself an hour a day to watch her favorite soap opera. They also treat themselves to items they can afford.
  • They take mini-vacations, such as a candlelit bath or a glass of wine on the deck when things are peaceful.

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