You Overdo It -- But Only Sometimes

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Everyone falls apart once in a while -- anyone who says otherwise is probably not being honest.

Ramona Creel, founder of, says her life falls apart on a regular basis.

"It doesn't matter how organized you are; there will be things that happen that push you over that overload line," says Creel. "It's not avoiding the overload, but knowing how to handle it."

Creel says many women get to that overload point in part because they're comparing themselves to other people, such as neighbors or the moms of their kids' friends. But that's the most dangerous thing you can do, she says, because you have different priorities than that "perfect" person, and you don't really know what's happening in that "perfect" person's personal life. They may not be as organized as you think -- or as happy.

"I have a very firm belief that you can have everything you want in life, you just may not be able to do it all at the same time," Creel says.

When you feel you're losing it, you should focus on what's really important to you, says Patricia Sprinkle, a mom, mystery writer and author of Women Who Do Too Much (Zondervan Publishing, 2002).

"If you only had six months to live, what would you want to do with your time?" Sprinkle says, encouraging women to use the exercise as a way to set important life priorities.

So when you become overwhelmed, remember your priorities, say "no" when there are things you'd rather not be involved in, and take time for yourself.

"The person who sometimes gets overwhelmed is probably the most honest person," she says. "The person who says they're getting everything done is probably fooling themselves."

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