Could you or a loved one use a little extra TLC? Pamper friends and family with thoughtful self-care gifts that won’t break the bank.

June 13, 2019

You really never need a reason to let someone know you care and these affordable self-care gifts are just the thing to brighten someone’s day. Whether you want to share the gift of self-reflection with a happiness journal, a cup of comfort in minty lavender tea, a revitalizing face mask set, motivation to finally try meditation, or a perfectly spa-like body treatment, these picks have you covered. Use these ideas to soothe rough patches, brighten a dull day, or inspire calmness through self-care. And since each gift is under $20, you can totally treat yourself, too—because you deserve it!

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1. Guided Happiness Journal

Make reflecting on the good parts of daily life much easier with this daily happiness journal. It includes prompts and exercises to make the journaling process easy. And it’s one of our favorite ways to help make living in the moment a little easier for all of us to do.

Buy It: Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy, $13, Shop Bop

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2. Sleep Kit

Keep this 2-part sleep kid by the bedside to help on any night that you feel restless. Included in the kit are two essential oils—one to breathe in deeply and one to spray on a pillow for a one-two punch to restless nights. The natural fragrance will inspire relaxation and help you drift off.

Buy It: Choose Sleep Kit, $15, Ulta

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3. Mint and Lavender Tea

With floral lavender buds and energizing mint leaves, this balanced tea works wonders for calmness and clarity—without the jitters that can come from coffee. It’s a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day, no matter how much stress you may have faced. Each cup may even help promote strong hair and nails, which is a lovely bonus!

Buy It: Minty Lavender Tea, $20, Olive and June

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4. Whimsical Adult Coloring Book

Give the gift of art therapy with this coloring book filled with stress relieving animal designs including the always darling, hedgehogs. Pair it with a set of colored pencils or super fine tip markers and watch that stress melt away.

Buy It: Life Of The Wild: A Whimsical Adult Coloring Book, $11.69, Amazon

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5. Face Mask Set

Share the gift of calm, healthy skin with a rejuvenating trio of single-use face masks. They’re a favorite way to enjoy a spa experience right at home—either for quality “me-time” or a ladies night in with your besties.

Buy It: Keep Cool Face Mask Set, $12 for 3, Anthropologie

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6. Pep Talk Postcards

Gift this to yourself and share postcard pep talks with all of your friends, or give to a loved one to help them spread encouragement all around. Either way, you’ll love the old-school snail mail postcards with Emily McDowell’s beloved (and always spot-on!) attitude.

Buy It: Pep Talk Postcard Book, $13, Emily McDowell

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7. One Month of Meditation

Did you know that practicing mindfulness for two weeks can rewire the way your brain reacts to stress? To get started, share 30 days of access to an app like Headspace, Calm, or Buddhify. You'll help a friend cross “start meditating” off her to-do list—and watch her reap the rewards of a calmer outlook. Who knows, you might find her experience so inspiring that you’ll need to gift this one to yourself too!

Buy It: Headspace meditation subscription, $12.99 per month, Headspace

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8. All-Over Ointment

Thick, rich, and seriously serene smelling, this luxe lotion calms dry skin instantly. It works wonders when used for a mini massage and can provide small moments of calm throughout the day—especially for busy caregivers like moms, nurses, and favorite teachers. Though you may want to put a container on your own desk, no matter what you do!

Buy It: All-Over Ointment, $16, Tubby Todd

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9. Mini Chocolate Bar Set

With five 10-oz. chocolate bars in crowd-pleasing flavors like dark, milk, almond butter, sea salt, and coffee, this set combines some of the best of Mast Chocolate in an easy-to-gift collection. Surprise a coworker by stashing a pack in her desk, share with a neighbor going through a rough patch, or gift with a favorite red wine to your best gal pal for a girls night in.

Buy It: Mini Bar Collection, $17, Mast Chocolate

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10. A Luxurious Candle

Package up the gift of self-care and relaxation in a pretty candle tin that looks as lovely lit as it does waiting to be put to use. There are four scents to choose from including Wild Honeysuckle, Coconut Milk, Red Berry Amber, and Pomegranate Peony. You can pick based on scent or color of the tin!

Buy It: Spring's Eden Tin Candle, $20, Anthropologie

Self-care doesn’t need to be a huge effort or endeavor, and these simple relaxation gifts can be a big help in adding a little more me-time to a busy day. Share a favorite with a friend in need of a perk up, a family member who seems lonesome, or as a way to gift yourself a few moments to really unwind.



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