4 Easy Things You Need to Do for a Healthy Mind and Body

These tips will always be a good practice this time of year.
Earthbound Farm

We truly love the holidays, but what we don't love is the burnout that can sometimes accompany the busy season! With the pressure that comes along with party hosting (and hopping!), gift giving, outfit finding, and lots and lots of cooking and eating, we sometimes entered January feeling run down and unenthusiastic about the year ahead. But this year, we want to start 2017 off on a great note by avoiding the holiday wear and tear. We scoured around to find our favorite health and wellness tips to help you outsmart the holiday rush and headaches! Discover the top four ways to take care of your body, mind, and spirit this holiday season:

1. Nourished Nutrition

Earthbound Farm

Candy, cookies, rich meals, holiday drinks — not to mention the necessary morning-after bagels — can leave us feeling less than great. This season is a landmine of less-than-ideal menus. While it's fun to indulge every once and a while, you don't want to overdo it and throw your whole body out of whack. So this year, we're focusing on filling our bodies with proper nutrition and whole foods during the holiday season. Earthbound Farm put together a great guide for the different resources we can get from specific foods. We'll be printing it out to reference between now and New Year's Day and maybe in the months after that, too.

2. Get Zen with Bedtime Yoga


A good exercise plan is beneficial any time of the year. But moving and stretching during the holidays and throughout the chillier seasons is especially important: It's also a great outlet for any seasonal stress that might be popping up. Make it a goal to get in a challenging workout three or four times a week, and you're sure to notice a new spring in your step this season. This year, we're going to add bedtime yoga poses from Fitwirr to our daily wellness routine. Yoga is great for you (we all know that), but we also enjoy that these poses are designed to relax you, prepping for a good night's sleep. And we all need that during the holiday season!

3. Organized and Stress-Free Travel Planning

Lose The Map

'Tis the season to travel, and boy, do we hate those long security lines, bumper-to-bumper traffic jams, and the crowds on pretty much every mode of transportation. The best way to exercise self-care while traveling? Preparation. We make reservations well in advance, pack efficiently using these packing tips, and give ourselves extra time to get where we're going. Nobody wants to feel more rushed than necessary! Our secret weapon is this one-stop shop of travel resources from Lose The Map. The page breaks down sites for advice, information, and inspiration.

4. Treat Yourself

The Everygirl

Our last tip? Treat yourself like someone on your gift list this season... meaning, gift yourself with some quality time and pampering! The Everygirl has a great guide for small methods of pampering, and we're pretty excited to try them all. The right playlist can spark a good mood on a day when you've got a mountain of things to do. Some DIY masks and a hot bath are wonderful ways to reduce stress. And taking a break from shopping, wrapping, and partying to curl up with a blanket and read a good book? Pretty much priceless.


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