How to Make a Cold Remedy That Will Quickly Clear Your Sinuses

It's all about one secret ingredient.
Household Hacker

By now, you've probably heard of bath bombs. Those little balls of fizz explode in your bathtub and surround you with essential oils and exfoliating ingredients for the perfect at-home spa treatment. We can't get enough of these, so imagine our excitement when we found this recipe for shower bombs! Shower bombs work similarly to their bath counterpart, but they have healing powers. Check out this recipe from YouTube user Household Hacker for shower bombs that will soothe your winter cold.

Household Hacker

First, pour baking soda and cornstarch into a mixing bowl.

Household Hacker

Then add the secret ingredient: Vicks VapoRub.

Household Hacker

With a little bit of water, the ingredients should mix to a moldable consistency.

Household Hacker

Scoop the mixture into an ice cube tray and be sure to pack it tightly! Store the cubes in the freezer until it is time to pop one out.

These simple steps will be a lifesaver the next time the sniffles have got you down. Place one shower bomb on a shower ledge and let the Vicks VapoRub and steam perform miracles on your sinuses. To learn more about this genius hack, and to see nine other winter life hacks, check out the video from Household Hacker below:


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