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Natural Cold Remedies That Actually Work

Coughing, sneezing, headache—you know the symptoms. Beat the common cold fast with these tried-and-true natural remedies.
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Our Health Nut Visits an Aromatherapist

Our intrepid health director, Amy Brightfield, visits an aromatherapist to tap into the power of scents.
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How to Make a DIY Cold Remedy That Will Clear Your Sinuses

These clever cubes dissolve in your shower so you can breathe easier as you recover. You'll be happy you have these on hand when your next cold hits.
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Our Health Nut Attends a Silent Retreat

Our intrepid health director, Amy Brightfield, heads to a weekend retreat to find out if silence really is golden.
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Cancer Risk-Reducing Foods

Eating certain foods reduces the risk of cancer. Here's an actionable, doable diet to lower your risk.
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Mood-Boosting Foods

Can certain foods help alleviate depression?
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More Natural Remedies

Natural Migraine Relief

Keep headaches at bay with these natural migraine remedies.
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Keep Your Brain Young

Tips to keep your brain healthy for years to come.
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