Boost Your Mood

You already know color can impact a home—think of a kitchen made cheerful with sunny yellow or a den cozied up with deep brown walls. Take that color therapy on the road! Instead of boring black, brown, or gray lenses, try a fun tint for your shades.

Tinted sunglasses make a fashion statement and enhance your mood, according to color expert Susanne Murphy.

Sometimes, it's OK to be blue. The shade has a calming effect—perfect for a working mom's hectic commute or a proud parent's anxiety-inducing afternoon on the sidelines.

A pop of orange can immediately brighten a space. With amber- or orange-tinted lenses, you might feel a similar boost in your mood. Bonus: Sharpened contrast and reduced glare can translate to a better golf game.

There's something to be said for looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. They enhance vision in low light, and some people believe they keep your spirits in the pink. A must-have for an overcast day.

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