How To: Arm Raise with Exercise Tubing

Arm raises with exercise tubing strengthen and tone the shoulder and chest muscles.

For this exercise, you need band of rubber exercise tubing with a handle on each end. Choose low-resistance tubing until you become familiar with the exercise.

Grip the handles of the tubing with your palms facing down. Step on the tubing with your right foot, which should be placed slightly in front of your left. Bend your knees slightly.

Position your hands in front of your body at mid-thigh level. Keeping your hands in front, slowly raise your arms to shoulder height-not higher. Hold your arms straight but relaxed. Don't lock your elbows. Then, slowly lower to the start position. Count one-two on the upward motion, and one-two-three-four on the downward motion. One-two. One-two-three-four.

When you are comfortable with the exercise, gradually increase the resistance of the tubing until you can do 18 to 20 repetitions using proper form. To increase resistance, shorten the tubing by wrapping it around each hand, or choose a higher resistance tubing. Once you can achieve 25 or more repetitions, increase the resistance to bring you back to the 18-to-20-repetition target zone.


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