These stylish devices are so much more than arm candy. We've rounded up the best ones for every fitness level and lifestyle need to help you find a perfect match.

By Jenny Krane
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I wear my Fitbit Alta all day, every day—unless it's charging. So that I don't ruin my non-gym outfits by sporting a black rubber band, I bought a fashionable silver one that looks and clasps like a watch. I love my Fitbit's reminders to get up and move—hey, you need 'em when you work at a desk all day. Its sleep tracker function even revealed why I felt so exhausted after a full night of rest (so much tossing and turning!).

According to Allied Market Research, the fitness tracker market is projected to reach a whopping $62,128 million by 2023—and it's easy to see why. These wearable devices triple as watches, smartphones, and sleep monitors. With over 400 wearable options available it can be challenging to decide which one to invest in. Here are our recommendations for the best ones to fit your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

Best Everyday Fitness Tracker

Want a tracker that covers the basics but has a few extra bells and whistles? The Charge 3 monitors heart rate, sleep, and physical activity, and it offers personalized guided breathing (because we all need some Zen in our life). It'll show smartphone notifications on the interface, so you can check the weather and your calendar just by glancing at your wrist. You can also use your wristband for on-the-go payments (just your credit card to the Fitbit app). Another cool feature: its handy health-tracking component lets women record menstrual symptoms and cycles.

Best Fitness Tracker for Runners

Both recreational runners and devoted marathoners can agree that GPS is crucial in a fitness tracker, especially when you're logging longer runs during training season. The Garmin vívosport is a non-bulky GPS option that clocks in under $200 and tracks heart rate, mileage, and stress levels. Pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth (no cords!) and upload your stats to the Garmin Connect app.

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

The Moov Now is a standout for two qualities: it's waterproof and its battery lasts up to six months. (Yes, you read that right.) Swimmers can use it to record laps, strokes, and distance in the pool. This device also acts as a personal coach; its motion tracker observes your form and gives you personalized interval training and fitness goals.

Buy it: Moov Now, $60

Best Fitness Tracker to Use at the Gym

Just because you aren't hitting 10,000 steps a day doesn't mean you're inactive. If lower-impact activities like barre or weightlifting are more your speed, try the Garmin vívosmart. This compact wristband tracks blood oxygen, heart rate, and stress—perfect for activities like yoga, swimming, and strength training. The sleek and stylish band comes in four colors with different colored metal accents (added bonus: it's safe to wear in the pool and shower).

Best Fitness Tracker for Sleep Monitoring

Do you ever sleep for more than 8 hours and still feel exhausted? Harness the detective power of your fitness tracker to see how much tossing and turning you're doing through the night. The Alta notes how long you sleep and what quality of sleep you are getting. You can also set a silent alarm to make the wristband vibrate, which is a huge plus if your partner isn't on the same sleep schedule as you. Besides monitoring your ZZZ's, the Alta counts steps, shows smartphone notifications, and lets you swap out bands to customize its look.

Best for Wearability

Stylish bangle or fitness tracker? This discreet device comes in brushed silver, black, and rose gold—but don't let its good looks deceive you; it's a hardworking tool that measures active minutes, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep duration. Plus, it's waterproof up to 165 feet.


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