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New Research Says Your Social Network Can Reveal More About Your Health Than Your Fitness Tracker Does

Sure, your fitness tracker offers helpful data about your physical health. But for an accurate measure of your overall wellness, science says the size and connectivity of your social network are an even better indicator.
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How to Find the Best Fitness Tracker For You

These stylish devices are so much more than arm candy. We've rounded up the best ones for every fitness level and lifestyle need to help you find a perfect match.
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12 Yoga Mats to Savasana in Style

Looking for your perfect mat(ch)? Check out our selection of reliable and inspiring mats for every preference and skill level!
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#WorkIt: Fitness Trackers that Are Actually Easy to Use

Gear up for your next workout session with one of these easy-to-use fitness trackers. Kick your workout up a notch, set goals for yourself, and track your fitness progress. It's so simple with one of these gadgets. These wicked wristbands will have you sweating like you mean it! #FitnessGoals
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A Gym to Call Home

Forget the sweaty, image-obsessed health clubs. Find one where you're at ease.
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6 Ways to Avoid the Ache of Exercise

You know as soon as you walk away from a killer spinning class that you're going to feel it the next day. Muscle pain doesn't discriminate: Both seasoned athletes and weekend warriors can experience stiff and achy muscles after a hard workout. Here's help.
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Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Want to get in shape and lose weight, but lack the motivation to exercise? The first step toward changing your body is changing your mind. Here's how to get -- and stay -- motivated to hit the treadmill.
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