Home workouts have come a long way since all we could do was play, rewind, and repeat a Jane Fonda video.

By Amy Brightfield
March 01, 2019

Fitness and health app use has grown by 330% in the last few years, according to a recent Flurry study, and it's easy to see why. Today’s fitness apps and streaming exercise classes make it a cinch to switch up workouts so they’re anything but routine, and most cost just a fraction of a monthly gym membership. They're also entirely customizable for your needs. Want to clear your head before a big meeting? Use a meditation app to tap into your inner Buddha. Traveling without access to a gym? Try a yoga class from your hotel room.

Amy Brightfield, our health director (aka The Health Nut), shares her top picks for every fitness level and need.

Image courtesy of Buddhify.


I’ve always dreaded crashing into a yogi—the one touching her toes without groaning—in a class. Doing yoga at home eliminates that fear, and I have unlimited access to 4,000 classes for $18 a month.

Buy It: $18/month

Daily Burn

HIIT class, anyone? I love that the instructors and students in these 20 programs all have strong but normal bodies. (I never wish they’d just go ahead and eat a doughnut.) Plus, their attitudes motivate me to get those extra steps in.

Buy It: $20/month


Sometimes the stress of carving out time to meditate can undo all the good. Buddhify solves that with on-the-go guided meditations that address many common problems and feelings, including trouble falling asleep and wanting to yell at a customer service rep. (These sleep-inducing products can also help!)

Buy It: $5; iOS

Ballet Beautiful

I am no ballerina but I love feeling like one with a barre workout. I can stream a session with professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers or do a live private session with an instructor.


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