3 Tips for Better Budgeting

Lighten your budgetary burdens by following consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch's simple three-point strategy for money management.

Follow these simple tips for a fret-free fiscal formula.

Stop buying on impulse. "Shop with a list and stick to it," says Woroch, who also suggests using a handbasket instead of a shopping cart. "It will get heavy if you fill it with too much stuff, which will alert you to unnecessary items you've picked up along the way," she says.

Drop paper bills and bank statements. Setting up automatic payments to your lenders will eliminate late fees. In addition, Woroch points out that consumers who opt for auto-pay or paperless billing "may be eligible for rebates, special promotions, or discounts."

Roll away nonessential expenditures. "Consider cutting back on luxuries such as household cleaning services, gardening, and regular car washes," Woroch says. "The dollars saved will allow extra wiggle room in your budget, help pay down debt, and build your emergency fund."


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