How Much Do We Need to Save For Our Retirement?

This calculator will help you determine the absolute most you would need.

Before you freak out at the numbers you're going to see with this calculator, let's take a reality check: For most people, retirement income will come from a variety of sources: your 401(k) savings, a pension plan, an IRA or two, and Social Security, of course. Plus, many Americans today continue to earn some income from part-time work even during their retirement years.

However, this is a simple calculator that will show you the worst-case scenario: If you were to have no pension, no Social Security and you were never to earn a single dollar in your retirement, how big would your nest egg have to be?

What annual income will you require in retirement, in today's dollars?



In how many years do you plan to retire?


How many years do you expect to live in retirement?


What kind of inflation rate do you expect?
(Hint: the average long-term inflation rate has been close to 3%)


How much do you expect your savings to grow annually?


Your expected retirement income factoring inflation:



By the day you begin retirement, you will need to have saved:




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