The nights are getting warmer, but you can still sleep comfortably with the best cooling pillows for hot sleepers.
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If you’re a hot sleeper, a cooling pillow can help you stay comfortable and get better sleep on warm nights. Cool pillows are made from temperature-regulating, breathable materials that facilitate airflow and prevent overheating, which can cause disruptive night sweats and hot flashes. Not sure where to start looking? The experts at Mattress Advisor put together this list of the best cooling pillows so you can choose the right one based on your specific sleep needs and preferences. Use this buying guide to find the right cooling pillow for your best night’s sleep.

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Here are our top picks for the best cooling pillows:

Cooling Pillow Materials to Try

There are many pillow material options with different feels, firmness levels, and benefits. When shopping for a cooling pillow, keep these materials in mind.

Down and Down Alternatives

Down pillows are soft, lofty pillows filled with duck or goose feathers. Initially fluffy and supportive, down pillows gradually flatten as you lay on them. These are a great choice for sleepers that want a low, extra soft pillow. Down alternatives feel similar but are made out of synthetic materials such as polyester. They usually come at a more affordable price point and do not use animal products.

Memory Foam

A memory foam pillow simultaneously supports your head while contouring along your curves to relieve pressure around your neck and shoulders. Memory foam can sleep hot, but it can also be infused with cooling gels to help regulate temperature. A shredded memory foam pillow, which is filled with small pieces of foam, can also facilitate airflow and enhance breathability.

Natural Fibers Like Cotton and Bamboo

Pillows made with natural fibers, such as cotton and bamboo, are naturally cooler. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. But cotton pillows are generally flat, firm, and not very responsive, so if you prefer a plush pillow but want the cool feel of cotton or bamboo, consider getting a pillow with a cotton or bamboo knit cover.


If you want superior pressure relief without the hugging feel of memory foam, a latex pillow might be right for you. Latex is naturally aerated, promoting airflow so you’ll sleep cooler. Keep in mind, these benefits generally come with a larger price tag.

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Best Overall: Helix Ultra Cool Pillow

If you want top-of-the-line cooling technology at a great price, look no further than the Helix Ultra Cool. The pillow is made with a breathable, phase-change material (which is a substance that changes from liquid, solid or vapor to another phase depending on temperature) that absorbs and draws away body heat while you rest. The pillow comes wrapped in a cooling fabric that not only helps the pillow stay cool to the touch but also has antimicrobial qualities. It’s machine washable for easy upkeep, comes with free shipping, and features a 100-night sleep trial so you can test out the pillow in the comfort of your own bed. If it doesn’t work for you, simply return the cooling pillow for a full refund. If you decide to keep it, the pillow comes with a one-year warranty.

Buy It: Helix Ultra Cool, ($115 standard, Helix)

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Most Luxurious: Saatva Pillow

A Saatva Pillow is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. The cooling pillow is made with some of the highest-quality materials available, including a moisture-wicking cotton cover and eco-friendly Talalay latex. The supportive and breathable latex core is surrounded by a layer of fluffy denier fiber, a unique combination that provides you with the plush feel of a down pillow that won't go flat over time. Latex is also responsive to your movements, so this pillow provides contouring neck support even as you shift sleeping positions. Saatva also offers free shipping and a 45-day return period, so you can sleep on this pillow for more than a month to determine whether it is the best choice for your sleep needs.

Buy It: Saatva Pillow, ($145 queen, Saatva)

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Best Adjustable: Puffy Pillow

Whether you prefer a full or flat cushion, the Puffy pillow is designed to adapt to your unique shape and preferences. Simply unzip its inner sleeve to add or remove shredded memory foam and customize the pillow to be as plush or firm as you like. This cooling pillow comes wrapped in a washable cover made of airy bamboo for an extra cooling effect. The Puffy pillow also comes with perks such as free shipping, a 101-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty.

Buy It: Puffy Pillow, ($75 standard, Puffy)

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Best for Back Sleepers: Tuft & Needle Pillow

This Tuft & Needle pillow is made with a contouring memory foam core that gently cradles your head, providing the ideal combination of support and comfort for back sleepers. Although this pillow is made of dense memory foam, it is infused with both gel beads, which help cool the pillow, and graphite, which draws body heat away from the surface. This cooling pillow is also easy to care for: Simply unzip the pillowcase and throw it in the washing machine with a load of laundry if it gets dirty.

Buy It: Tuft & Needle Pillow, ($75 queen, Tuft & Needle)

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Most Responsive: Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

A responsive pillow will spring back into shape to support your head, neck, and shoulders even as you change sleeping positions throughout the night. The Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow is made of open-cell memory foam that responds quickly to your movements and allows air to flow throughout to keep you cool. In addition, this pillow has a cooling gel surface and is infused with copper and graphite, two antimicrobial materials that also help regulate temperature. It comes in two height options (high and low profile) to suit different sleep positions.

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Best Memory Foam: Nectar Lush Pillow

Memory foam has pressure-relieving benefits and contouring qualities. However, some memory foam pillows can be too plush, making you sink too far down. The Nectar Lush pillow is made of dense memory foam that provides excellent pressure relief to potential sore spots, such as your neck and shoulders, without sacrificing the support you need for healthy spine alignment. Plus, the Lush Pillow also sleeps cool. It comes wrapped in a breathable cover that helps draw body heat away from the pillow.

Buy It: Nectar Lush Pillow, ($99 standard, Nectar)

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Best for Spine Alignment: Casper Foam Pillow

If you wake up in the morning in pain, your pillow might be pushing your neck or spine out of its natural alignment. The Casper Foam Pillow is made with three foam layers that provide enough pushback to prop your neck up in a neutral position throughout the night while also cushioning your curves so your body can sink into its natural shape. The foam core of this pillow is full of tiny air pockets that allow heat to escape. It also comes zipped up in a breathable jersey knit pillow cover that feels cuddly while staying cool.

Buy It: Casper Foam Pillow, ($89 standard, Casper)

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Best for Neck Pain: DreamCloud Contour Pillow

The DreamCloud Contour Pillow is a great choice for active people or those who experience neck pain. It has special features that support your spine so you wake up comfortable and refreshed instead of achy and stiff. The pillow is made of flexible memory foam that contours to the unique shape of your neck and shoulders. Plus, you can customize the pillow height by adding or removing the premium foam inserts from its core. The DreamCloud also has a cool gel pillow surface and a knit cotton cover that regulate temperature and wick away sweat.

Buy It: DreamCloud Contour Pillow, ($99 for standard, DreamCloud)

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Best for Stomach Sleepers: Purple Harmony Pillow

Sleeping on your stomach places extra stress on your neck, shoulders, and upper back. The best pillow for stomach sleepers is soft enough to relieve pressure from the head and neck and low enough that it doesn't push your head upwards and cause neck pain. The Purple Harmony Pillow features an adaptable grid system to provide support without placing pressure on your body. It also allows airflow through the surface of the pillow to prevent you from getting too sweaty. Plus, the pillow contains an aerated Talalay latex core that prevents the pillow from flattening out over time.

Buy It: Purple Harmony Pillow, ($159 standard, Purple)


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