Diabetes and prediabetes affect more than 100 million Americans, and it is often preventable. Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes, are taking measures to prevent it, or are caring for someone with diabetes, our diabetic recipes and healthy living advice can help you better manage the condition.

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What is Prediabetes?
Before type 2 diabetes sets in, blood sugar hovers in an elevated limbo state. Here's how to tell if you're affected—and how losing weight can halt the progression of prediabetes.
Real-Talk Answers to Your Adult Diabetes Questions
Diabetes can affect anyone, but it is often preventable with a few lifestyle changes. Learn about the different types of diabetes, plus get tips for managing the disease.
New Research Says This Diet Can Improve Insulin Production
With rising insulin costs, this finding could be huge for people with Type 2 Diabetes.
Diabetic Main Courses for Summer
These high-flavor main course recipes fall within nutritional guidelines for people living with diabetes.
Diabetic Soups and Salads
Rev up your healthy dinner menu with these main-dish diabetic soup recipes and diabetic salad recipes with under 45 grams of carbohydrate and 400 calories, and side dishes with under 30 grams of carbohydrate and 250 calories per serving. From lentil soup to quinoa salads, these low-carb recipes make for a wonderful lunch or light dinner.

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Diabetic Side Dishes
A great selection of side dishes, from salsa to bread pudding, and everything in between -- all within the nutritional guidelines for people living with diabetes.
Diabetic Breads and Pasta Dishes to Cure Your Carb Cravings
Bread and pasta for diabetics? We've got the recipes! These dishes all fall within nutritional guidelines for people living with diabetes, whether you're in the mood for lasagna, looking for an easy breadstick recipe, or after a delicious spaghetti for diabetics.
Diabetes Guide

The facts and figures about the symptoms, treatments and everything else for type 2 diabetes.