Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Help the men in your life prevent prostate cancer with a surprising secret weapon -- walnuts.

A daily handful of tasty, crunchy walnuts may help men fight prostate cancer, says Paul Davis, Ph.D., a nutrition researcher at the University of California, Davis. In his new study, Davis fed walnuts or soybean oil to mice programmed to develop prostate cancer. The walnut mice developed cancer tumors that were 50 percent smaller and grew 30 percent slower than the soybean oil mice. "Walnuts contain a package of compounds, including omega-3 fatty acids, that interact to provide health benefits," says Davis. "I expect that the results we observed in our mice will very likely be found in men, too, when studied," he adds.

In addition to serving walnuts, other ways to help your man prevent prostate cancer include:

  • Cutting down on red meat and dairy products.
  • Upping his intake of brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and pomegranates, which have also been shown to reduce prostate cancer risk.
  • Encouraging him to lead an active lifestyle.


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