Cancer can often be prevented. Learn what you can do to protect yourself now.

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5 Breast Cancer Survivors Share the Biggest Lessons They Learned from Battling Cancer

You’re never alone when facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Knowing what others have gone through can help you navigate your own journey. Meet five survivors touched by this disease at different ages and stages.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects the entire family. Although you may be the one undergoing treatment, the kids in your life will have their world turned upside down by the C word too. Here's how to help kids, including young children, understand what the person with breast cancer is going through and enable them to cope.

11 Important Questions to Ask After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Navigating life after a breast cancer diagnosis can be challenging, but knowing the right questions to ask your care team can be a big help. Here's what to ask before and after surgery.

How to Do a Life-Saving Skin Cancer Check at Home

Being able to identify suspicious skin spots can help ensure you keep yourself, and your skin, safe.

Real-Talk Answers to Your Most Asked Breast Cancer Screening Questions

No one looks forward to having their breasts squashed between two plates, but it’s worth the hassle. A mammogram is the most reliable test to catch cancer while it’s at a treatable stage. Use this guide to ask your doctor about what breast cancer screenings to get and when.

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The 3 Best Ways to Help a Loved One Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Beast cancer treatment is a daunting process. These survivors have lots of ideas of how to best provide a circle of support for those undergoing cancer treatment (and how to continue to show care during breast cancer recovery).

Getting the Most from Your Sunscreen

Check out our expert's advice before you head outdoors this summer.

8 Ways to Ease Mammogram Discomfort

Check out these tips on how to make mammograms a little more comfortable from Carol Mount, an assistant professor of radiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who specializes in mammography.