These murals are not only stunning pieces of art, but also perfect backdrops to brighten up your Instagram feed. If you're traveling to one of these major cities, make a pitstop for a mini photoshoot!

By Rachel Wermager
September 11, 2019

These days, you don't have to visit an art gallery to glimpse breathtaking masterpieces. Cities all over the U.S., big and small, are becoming artists' playgrounds. Old buildings are getting colorful facelifts with quirky characters, heartwarming quotes, and eye-catching designs, and passers-by are lining up to snap photos with them (and unlike in most museums, you can photograph these works all you want!).

Travelers, in particular, gravitate toward these murals and street art for photo opportunities; it’s easy to see why, considering how impressive they look on their own and with people striking a pose in front of them. In addition to their beauty, many of the murals also have uplifting messages and pay homage to their surroundings. The artists and illustrators behind these works of art have some pretty impressive resumes, too (like working with Taylor Swift and popular candy brands).

We found some of the best murals and street art spots across the U.S. for you to check out on your next trip, and to ensure you don’t miss out on your next Instagram-worthy photo opp. Which of these cities will you head to next?

Chromatic Cascade Mural, Los Angeles, CA

L.A.'s downtown arts district is buzzing with creativity and unique artwork, and it's certainly worth a visit if you're in the area. The artist behind this hypnotic mural, Jen Stark, uses vivid rainbows of color and wild patterns to mesmerize viewers. Its ample white space gives eyes a rest and (smartly!) creates room to pose without covering the masterpiece. Beyond public exhibitions in cities like Miami, Chicago, and New York, you can also catch collections of Stark's art in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, and MOCA Miami.

Where to find: In the downtown LA arts district at 1828 Conway Pl. Los Angeles, CA.

What Lifts You Wings, Nashville, TN

Nashville has a bounty of murals to pose with, but the popularity of these intricate wings has really taken flight amongst tourists. The artist, Kelsey Montague, has even collaborated with Taylor Swift on a pair of colorful wings to help announce the release of her song “Me!” back in April. You can find these wings in a trendy neighborhood called The Gulch, along with plenty of other beautiful hotels, shops, and restaurants. Make sure to tag #WhatLiftsYou when you post your photo with these wings!

Where to find: The Gulch neighborhood at 302 11th Ave. S, Nashville, TN.

Life Is Beautiful Mural, Las Vegas, NV

If you’re a fan of Jolly Rancher candy, the little monsters in this mural by illustrator and artist Kevin Lyons might look particularly familiar to you, as Lyons is the artist behind the funky fruit characters on the candy's packaging. His famously goofy monster characters appear in both the candy aisle and in murals all around the world—and they're sure to bring a smile to your face.

Where to find: Downtown Las Vegas.

Love This City Mural, Denver, CO

This graphic mural in Denver is a visitor favorite. Artist Pat Milbery wanted to show his passion for the city, which has since turned into multiple murals all including the phrase, “Love This City.” The geometric heart in the mural is said to represent the many layers love can have, while the birds represent nature and freedom. Snap a few photos (or an album full) in front of this vibrant mural and make sure to tag #LoveThisCity when you post. 

Where to find: 2314 N Broadway, Denver, CO.

Noodle Love Wall, New York, NY

James Goldcrown is an artist/photographer known for his Bleeding Hearts/Love Wall murals that can be found in U.S. cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami as well as around the world (find sightings of these walls by searching #LoveWall); his signature style of overlapping hearts is easy to spot! Goldcrown's work has even been featured in collaboration with brands like Toms, Vogue, and L'Oréal.

Where to find: noodlelove restaurant at 192 Mott St, New York, NY.

Flamingo Mural, Chicago, IL

The next time you're in the Windy City, assemble your flock and head to this huge flamingo mural at The Flamingo Rum Club created by JC Rivera and Andrew Ghrist. This bright, painterly wall is Instagram post perfection—it’s also been included in various articles on the most Instagrammable spots in Chicago.

Where to find: 601 N Wells St, Chicago, IL.

Outer-space Project Mural, Atlanta, GA

Ricky Watts's incredible tentaclelike street art stems from years of painting graffiti when he was younger. His self-taught technique features abstract, fluid shapes and in-your-face colors, and it can be viewed in California, Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Georgia.

Where to find: 10 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA.


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