11 Scenic Places to Snap a Selfie in Washington

From iconic landmarks to stunning scenery, there is an abundance of beautiful places to visit in Washington. To be sure everyone knows you were there, snap a selfie!

1. Space Needle

If you're in Seattle, for even a day, you have to grab a shot of the famous Space Needle. Snap those dramatic up shots from a couple of blocks away so you can get the entire tower in the picture. Craving panoramic views of the city? Take the 41-second ride up 520 feet to the Space Needle's observation deck. It's definitely picture-worthy!

Photo courtesy of photographer Tim Thompson and www.visitseattle.org

2. Pike Place Market

Flying fish might be Pike Place Market's claim to fame, but the kaleidoscope of vibrant flowers and fresh produce sold there will brighten anyone's day. Take a selfie from one end of the market to capture the rainbow of florals, fruits, and vegetables behind you.

Photo courtesy of Alabastro Photography and www.visitseattle.org

3. Mount St. Helen's

Witness the devastation from Mount St. Helen's historic eruption in 1980 at one of several learning centers and observation stations around the site. Opportunities for scenic snapshots abound on the drive to and from the volcano. 

Photo courtesy of Visit Vancouver USA. www.visitvancouverusa.com

4. Mount Rainier

Look kids, Mt. Rainier! On clear days this dreamy mountain seems to visible from everywhere in central Washington. A photo can't capture the grandeur of this mountain, but a few perfectly placed selfies might be enough to make your co-workers back at the office jealous. Snap away!

5. Deception Pass Bridge

This stunning work of engineering is tucked within Deception Pass State Park. You can oooh and aaah as you drive over the bridge, but your best bet for a sweet selfie is to take a hike through the park. Locals recommend entering the park through Bowman Bay Road so you can hike to a picture-perfect spot. 

Photo courtesy of Michael Stadler and www.whidbeycamanoislands.com 

6. San Juan Islands Whale Watching

Experience the power and grace of orcas, humpbacks, and gray whales on a whale-watching tour around the San Juan Islands. This breathtakingly beautiful area is also home to seals, porpoises, sea lions, and otters. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of bald eagles flying overhead.

7. Leavenworth

Raise a pint to the charming Bavarian town of Leavenworth, and pose for a selfie with local festival-goers dressed in lederhosen. When the snow starts to fly, this small town becomes a destination for skiers. 

Photo courtesy of Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce

8. Yakima Valley

With almost 100 wineries in the area, the Yakima Valley is a bucolic beauty. Stand among the growing grapes and snap a selfie snipping your favorite vintage. 

9. Beacon Rock

Originally named by Lewis and Clark on their expedition across the country, this rock formation next to the Columbia River is open to hikers. Break out the selfie stick and strike your best historic explorer pose.

Photo courtesy of Skamania County Chamber of Commerce

10. North Head Lighthouse

Along the windswept Pacific Coast, you'll find the North Head Lighthouse standing tall on Long Beach Peninsula. The gorgeous coast has witnessed many shipwrecks in the rough waters beyond the shoreline. Stay safe and snap that selfie on land!

Photo courtesy the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau.

11. Spokane River Falls

In the heart of the city of Spokane is the roaring river falls. There's only one way to capture the best selfie in Spokane: on the Spokane Falls SkyRide. This cable car ride above the city and river falls is 15 minutes of scenic selfie magic.


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