There has never been a more affordable way to live like royalty. These unique home rentals will make sure you never stay in a hotel again.

By Hannah Bruneman
Updated September 16, 2019
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If living in a castle is in your wildest dreams, they’re about to come true. Turn your next vacation into a fairytale by renting an entire castle through home rental services like Airbnb and HomeAway. The castles we found are surprisingly affordable and stretch from the East coast of the United States to the French countryside. See how you can stay overnight in these castles—some for less than $50 a person!

highlands castle
Image courtesy of Airbnb.

1. Highlands Castle in New York

If you think you need to go overseas to enjoy a stay in a fairytale-worthy castle, think again. This incredible stone castle is tucked away in Bolton, New York, overlooking Lake George. When you book Highlands Castle, you get the entire place to yourself, including the stunning, picture-perfect outdoor balcony. The three bedrooms fit 8 guests total, which makes this Airbnb castle only $250 per person per night.

france castle
Image courtesy of HomeAway.

2. Alexis de Tocqueville Castle in France

Complete with a pond, this castle in Tocqueville, France, is ready for you and 10 of your closest friends. The interior preserves the castle’s history with deep ruby red walls and plenty of art in gold frames. Once you’re done exploring the castle’s many rooms (including an elevator that is designed to look like a library), head outside to play a game on the tennis court. Find this home on HomeAway.

castle with reflecting pool
Image courtesy of Airbnb.

3. Chateau Bordeaux and Vignoble in France

The Chateau Bordeaux and Vignoble is the perfect unique getaway for wine lovers. It’s located on a gorgeous vineyard and is just minutes away from local restaurants, museums, and a golf club. The interior has been updated since its initial construction and boasts a more modern design than you traditionally find in castles. If you stay, several previous renter reviews warn guests to bring bug spray as window screens aren’t the standard in parts of France.

ancient castle rental
Image courtesy of Airbnb.

4. Butley Priory in England

A castle in England sounds like an alright getaway, if you ask us. The Butley Priory castle is located deep in the English countryside and used to be an Augustinian monastery. The updated interiors abide by today’s standards but keep with traditional style, including stone arches that remain intact. This hidden gem is just two hours from London and boasts an impressive 5-star rating.

storybook castle with steps
Image courtesy of Airbnb.

5. Storybook Castle in Connecticut

If you want to stay in a castle but don’t want your family so spread out that you don’t see each other the entire vacation, this quaint castle is for you. Quaint may be an understatement, though, as this storybook castle in Connecticut sits on seven acres. It was entirely refurbished in the early 2000s by an artist who updated a few aspects like the kitchen but maintained its historical character.

austrian yellow castle
Image courtesy of HomeAway.

6. Austrian Castle near Vienna

When you think of a castle, stone exteriors probably come to mind. That’s not the case with this Austrian castle. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by a bright yellow residence with dusty green domes on either end. The 11,302-square-foot castle comes with ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a sauna, a library, a pool, and more.

large castle and gorunds
Image courtesy of Airbnb.

7. Castello di Lispida in Italy

In this Italian castle, you can rent one of eight beautiful apartments, each one able to accommodate up to 6 guests. With your apartment, you’ll have access to the castle and grounds, which include a heated pool and garden. Enjoy your time and wander the land with free bike rentals or dip into the cellars where wine is made.

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