7 Ways to Have the Best Spring Break Staycation Ever

Can't swing a spring break vacation? You and your family can still have a great time with these fun spring break activities you can do at home.

While all their friends are off at Disney World or a beach somewhere, are your kids sitting on the couch with the grumpies? We know a spring break vacation isn't in the cards for every family, but that doesn't mean it's a spring break wasted. Staycations can be just as fun and memorable! Not to mention they come without the hefty price tag. Enjoy a stress-free week at home by keeping yourself busy with these family-fun activities the kids will love. Check out our top 7 staycation activities right now:

1. Walking On Sunshine

Even if the warm weather hasn't hit yet, it's just around the corner. Spend an afternoon crafting these adorable flip-flops with paint, ribbons, and lots of glitter. Your kids will be ready to walk to school in style when the sun finally beams down.

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2. Race for Fun

Is the weather keeping you stuck inside? That's nothing a little competition can't fix! Gather up household objects and make fun mini-games using your imagination. In this game, the winner is the family member who blows their pom-pom across the finish line first.

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3. Let's Go Fly a Kite

Do you remember what it felt like to finally see your kite soaring high in the sky after many failed attempts? No video game or app can recreate that happy feeling. Give your kids the same experience by flying kites during your staycation. A spring breeze makes for the perfect kite-flying weather.

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4. Wild Wheels

It may be too chilly to go swimming, but running around and being active will keep you warm in the springtime weather. Invite the neighborhood kids over for a kid-friendly obstacle course in your backyard. Encourage everyone to bring their own set of wheels, or share one bike and compete for the fastest time.

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5. Sharp as a Tack

Even though school is dismissed for the week, you can still keep those young minds working! In this geography game, the player is blindfolded and given a tack. Name a place or country and watch as they try their best to pin the correct spot. The kid with the top score of correct guesses gets dessert first!

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6. Family Bike Ride

Check out the forecast ahead of time and pick the warmest day of the week to get out of the house for a family bike ride. Since it's your staycation, choose a path you normally wouldn't, even if that means driving somewhere first. And don't forget the helmets!

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7. Splish Splash

For the lucky ones who already live in vacation-destinations like Florida or California, the warm weather is abundant! Take advantage of your sun by playing this fun pool game that will cool you down while the competition heats up.

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