11 Car Hacks You Need to See Before Your Summer Road Trip

Keep your car clean and your passengers happy on the open road.

While driving in the car is rarely the best part of your trip, it doesn't have to be the worst either. We found the best car hacks to make your travel time more enjoyable and stress-free.

Clean AC Vents

AC vents are the last place you want a build-up of dust. All it takes is blasting the AC on a hot day to send dust flying into the air and around your face. Try using foam paint brushes to collect dirt in every little crevice. It's a cheap but effective fix!

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Use a Magic Eraser

This popular at-home tool can also be used in your car to get scuff marks off car vinyl. Don't forget to check the places most scuff marks collect—wherever shoes hit often, like spaces next to the door or the backs of seats.

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DIY Trash Bin

Create a go-to place for crumpled receipts and wrappers in your car by attaching an adhesive hook near the glove box. Then, hang a small plastic bag on the hook. The hook will keep the trash bag from tumbling over on sharp turns and make it easy to dispose of trash when possible.

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Food Caddy

The worst part about eating on the road is the balancing act. Free both hands by putting your food on a plastic caddy meant to traditionally hold things like shower or art supplies. Less spills means less stains and happier passengers.

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DIY Cell Phone Mount

The navigation apps on phones are so reliable these days that there is no reason to invest in separate GPS technology or your car's built-in system. The one problem, however, is having to glance down at your phone to check the next turn. Make this DIY mount for your phone to always have directions in sight.

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Protect Your Cup Holders

Prevent your cup holders from getting grimy and stuffed with trash. These silicone cupcake wrappers are the perfect fit for your car and they make clean-up a cinch.

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Seat Belt Pillow

When you're in the car for a while, you want to get comfortable, but you don't want to sacrifice your safety by clicking off your seatbelt. This genius pillow uses the seatbelt to your advantage and comfort. With it wrapped around the strap, you'll be snoozing in no time.

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Air Freshener Pouches

These scent boosters are meant to be thrown in with the wash, but they work great to freshen up your car. Keep the pouches out of sight by placing them under the seats or in side door compartments. Be sure to use mesh bags for the scent to escape!

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Squeegee Off Dog Hair

Instead of spending hours lint rolling the entire interior of your car, spritz the seats with water and use a squeegee to get rid of all stray dog hairs. The rubber will grab onto them much better than sticky tape.

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Build a Dog Hammock

Another clever way to avoid dog hair on long trips is to make a cozy hammock for your furry friend. Customize yours to be as wild or as simple as you'd like it to look. This will also protect leather seats from sharp doggie nails.

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Over-The-Seat Organizer

This idea is especially great in the summer because the plastic pockets are waterproof. After a day at the pool, slip goggles, deflated floaties, toys, and sun screen in the pockets draped over the back seat. Next time you go swimming, you'll know exactly where everything is!

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