It's time to make memories that you can cherish for years to come.


When you think about it, there's usually some sort of tradition at the center of every occasion and celebration. Many of the traditions in my life have started with my mom. She's at the heart of it all and a master at turning the little moments into cherished experiences to be remembered. Those traditions have started to bend and take on a new life as I've gotten older and passed them down to my own family, but the bond I have with my mom hasn't changed.

According to the World Health Organization, social support networks are good for our health, but those relationships need to be nurtured in order to thrive; creating traditions with my mom is a way for us to strengthen our bond and have a little fun in the process. Perhaps one of the best things about mother-daughter traditions is that you can begin a new one right now, and you don't even have to live in the same city! To get started, sit down with your mom and decide how you want to spend your time together. These six ideas can help get the creative juices flowing.

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1. Make Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinners are a sacred weekly tradition in my family. We either make dinner together, or we each bring a dish to share, but the goal is to catch up and spend time together. These Sunday dinners hold so many memories—savoring our favorite family foods, telling my family I was pregnant with my son, or sharing the news of an exciting opportunity at work. You could also use this Sunday time to meal plan and prep together or make something for the group to share, like jam or canned tomato sauce.

2. Take a Yearly Trip Together

It's no secret that girls' trips are the best trips. Grab your mom and head to Magnolia Market or wine taste in Napa Valley. Play tourist in your own city for a more budget-friendly option. Regardless of where you go, carve out a weekend each year to spend some quality one on one time together, making memories in a new, fun place.

3. Have a Christmas Cookie Party

I have so many memories of making cookies in the kitchen with my mom growing up. We've kept that tradition going by having an annual Christmas Cookie Party each year. All the women in my family get together and make one or two of their favorite Christmas cookies. At the end of the day, we each have platters of different cookies to enjoy, give as gifts, or donate to our local fire or police station as a thank you!

4. Plan Surprise Dates

Switch off planning a date for you and your mom. This could be going to an art class, seeing a concert or play, or trying a new restaurant. Taking turns relieves the pressure off of one of you planning everything and also gets the creative juices flowing in sharing new experiences with your mom.

5. Create a Family Traditions Cookbook

Food and family traditions go hand in hand. Sit down with your mom and compile your family's favorite recipes. Think about what is on every single holiday table or yours, or the must-have desserts for a family celebration. A couple of our favorites would be my grandma's crab souffle and my mom's black bottom cupcakes. Each year, add to the cookbook as you try and tweak new recipes. Your whole family can get involved and will benefit from this one.

6. Give Back to Your Community

Choose a charity or cause you both feel passionate about and use your special time together to positively impact your community. Read to senior citizens, make holiday meals, or bake cookies for those serving the community (firefighters, nurses, etc.) away from their families on those special days, or host a craft night to raise money for a local family in need.

A tradition is made when you create a memorable experience and then repeat it. The more you do it, the more meaningful the tradition becomes. You've got memories to make, so get out there and make them!


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