Halo Top Just Launched Baking Mixes, for Baking Comfort with Fewer Calories

The new line includes microwaveable cake cups and classic baking mixes, for that Halo Top fix in any season.

Good news: You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to enjoy Halo Top treats anymore. Known for the great-tasting ice cream that’s a favorite of calorie-counting sweets-lovers, Halo Top has just announced a new line of baked dessert mixes, so you can warm up on frigid winter days with a baked treat. These comfort-food snacks have the same delicious flavor and low calorie counts that make Halo Top products so popular.

Available starting in early February 2023 at Walmart and Kroger stores—availability nationwide at more stores is coming this summer—the new Halo Top baked dessert mixes include single-serve cake cups that can be made in the microwave and brownie and cookie mixes that are baked in the oven. As you’d expect from Halo Top, these desserts have 1/3 the calories of traditional baked sweets, but all the flavor.

Halo Top baked mixes

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“Halo Top was founded on an idea to make a lower-calorie ice cream that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and indulgence. We’ve been constantly innovating products to give consumers indulgence they can feel good about,” said Halo Top brand manager Peter Gargula in a statement accompanying the announcement. “We can’t wait to bring our loyal fans into the baking aisle in this trusted extension from cold to warm with Halo Top Desserts.”

There are two ways to enjoy these easy-to-make baked goods:

Indulge yourself in your favorite flavors with Halo Top single-serve cups in chocolate, strawberry, and birthday cake. These microwaveable mouthfuls of delicious fun are only 170 calories each, which Halo Top says is 1/3 fewer calories than average prepared cake mixes.

If you want to share the yumminess, bake a pan of Halo Top Light Brownie Mix Fudge Brownies. They taste rich and decadent, but they’re only 90 calories per brownie. If you’re craving cookies, Halo Top Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Light Cookie Mix has only 80 calories per cookie. These mixes have 1/3 fewer calories than the leading prepared mixes in the same flavors, according to Halo Top.

Chances are, you’ll love Halo Top’s new baked goods so much that you’ll still crave them when the weather heats up—just add a scoop of your favorite Halo Top ice cream (Mint chip? Sea salt caramel?) for a sunshine-ready snack.

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