Your Best Photos: Harvest-Theme and Halloween Indoor Decorations

Looking for Halloween decorating ideas or ideas for decorating with a harvest theme? Then you should check out these great photos from our readers.

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    Pop of Color

    Submitted by: Losttrailranch

    Why we like it: An arrangement of yellow-leaf branches scales to daring heights to add drama to this chic living room.

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    Nature's Bounty

    Submitted by: vaskus2470766

    Why we like it: Bundles of pinecones with pretty fall leaves make great name cards for a harvest table setting.

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    Fall Table

    Submitted by:

    Why we like it: The slender pumpkin showcased under a glass cloche is perfect for this harvest centerpiece.

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    Bright Berries

    Submitted by: danielle.popyk

    Why we like it: White candles on a white tray provide a neutral backdrop for the bright orange berries to shine.

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    Natural Mantel

    Submitted by: karla.conard

    Why we like it: All the natural elements used to decorate this neutral fireplace resonate with the beauty of the season.

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    Tabletop Display

    Submitted by: whittens

    Why we like it: We like the traditional fall colors of red, yellow, and orange mixed with a bold green gourd and the unexpected witch's hat resting on the scarecrow's head.

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    Pumpkin Topiary

    Submitted by: Jrredesigns

    Why we like it: This pumpkin trio portrays a rich fall palette in orange, rust, and brown in topiary form.

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    Vibrant Colors

    Submitted by: null

    Why we like it: This table has all the right elements for a harvest season dinner: a pretty centerpiece, a garland of leaves, and plenty of rich fall accents.

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    Spooky Silhouettes

    Submitted by: hotchic00692003

    Why we like it: This silhouette adapted for Halloween is both scary and stylish. Plus, we love how the mural takes up the whole wall -- very impressive.

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    Buffet of Terror

    Submitted by: MS512

    Why we like it: The black spiderweblike tablecloth creates the perfect canvas to accent all the Halloween goods on the table.

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    Boo Jar Display

    Submitted by: ashleyturner80

    Why we like it: These glass apothecary jars are great to begin with, and their temporary Halloween makeover (painted-on "Boo" and festive candy corn and raffia fillings) is perfect for the season.

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    Eerie Mantel

    Submitted by: noble.molly

    Why we like it: Old portraits and antiques swathed in torn netting on this mantel remind us of a set from a horror film.

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    Halloween Gathering

    Submitted by: barbara cox

    Why we like it: No one was left off the guest list for this Halloween party -- from the spiders in the window (and on the table) to the vulture on the centerpiece. There's even a zombie butler.

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    Wicked Witch

    Submitted by: edroe1

    Why we like it: This witch has it all -- a long black dress, pointy hat, broomstick, and even a cat cohort -- and is ready to cast bewitching spells.

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    Classic Colors

    Submitted by: bella7716

    Why we like it: The traditional orange and black Halloween decor complements the mossy green walls of this dining room. We also like the way some of the serving dishes are elevated to give the table dimension.

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    On Parade

    Submitted by: edroe1

    Why we like it: Halloween gets whimsical with these cute pumpkins, a dancing cat, and trick-or-treating figurines.

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    Rat Invasion

    Submitted by: talismanofmerlin

    Why we like it: Lifelike rats are guaranteed to horrify, especially when they're lurking around a skull served on a platter.

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    Silver and Skulls

    Submitted by: melisachristine3089326

    Why we like it: We love the way the purple candle jar complements the orange background and pops against the drab stone scene.

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    Eat at Your Own Risk

    Submitted by: jrourk1

    Why we like it: Tiered food servers, finger foods, and candlelight: Sounds like an elegant buffet, right? Not when it's accompanied by skulls, spiderwebs, and miniature gravestones -- creepy!

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    Haunted House

    Submitted by: DebbieEM

    Why we like it: This front entry sets a spooky mood. A witch and ghost usher guests through the black curtain into the unknown.

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    Toil and Trouble

    Submitted by: DebbieEM

    Why we like it: This sinister-looking witch is brewing a steamy concoction in her cauldron, and the creepy skeletal flutes stand ready to offer her an extra hand.

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    Sinister Brew

    Submitted by: witchesbrew823

    Why we like it: Candles cast a supernatural aura over this Halloween vignette.

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    Halloween Tree

    Submitted by: bb3653

    Why we like it: A Christmas classic comes early to be recast as a Halloween tree draped with orange lights and yards of webbing.

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