32 DIY Halloween Crafts That Are Ridiculously Easy

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Not a crafting wizard? No worries. We made "do it yourself" even easier with these DIY Halloween projects to take your home from drab to Dracula-worthy. Trick your friends into thinking you're a crafting genius with our quick tutorials and free printable downloads. See all our favorite Halloween crafts for kids, pumpkin crafts, and other Halloween DIY ideas. 

$5 Halloween Twig Wreath

Craft this quick-and-easy Halloween wreath with natural materials found in the backyard. It doubles as a way to get your kids to pick up all the sticks! Find various lengths of sticks and attach them to a DIY cardboard wreath form with glue. This twig wreath craft comes together when you add spooky faux spider webbing and inexpensive plastic spiders. Hang the final Halloween wreath from your front door for a haunting display.

No-Carve Unicorn Pumpkin for Halloween

Forget Halloween ghouls and vampire fangs! This Halloween, we’re creating a magical unicorn pumpkin. This inexpensive decoration uses a crafts pumpkin, which will last for years to come. Our no-mess tutorial will be a hit with kids, who can form their very own unicorn horn.

Temporary-Tattoo Decorated Pumpkins

Ink your love of Halloween with this easy pumpkin design that takes minutes to make. To create your own, just pick up a few autumn-theme temporary tattoos or whatever the kids like (we're on board for superhero pumpkins) and apply them to your faux pumpkin with a damp sponge, just like you would to skin. Kids love this quick Halloween craft because the end result is a gorgeous customized pumpkin that will last for years to come. We like it because it's scary easy, but looks totally hand-painted.

Easy DIY Halloween Doormat

Add a boo-tiful accent to your Halloween front porch with this fun and simple DIY Halloween doormat. Download and print our free Halloween stencil (did we mention it's free?), then paint the jack-o'-lantern design onto your doormat with a foam brush. Personalize this playful craft by mixing up the colors or adding bright fall leaves along the edges. This cute pumpkin doormat will have you, your guests, the mail carrier, trick-or-treaters, even local headless horsemen smiling. 

DIY Constellation Pumpkin

This adorable Halloween pumpkin design is written in the stars. Our drilled pumpkin design sparkles thanks to a pop of dark paint and your favorite constellation pattern. Add your zodiac sign to this astrological pumpkin craft or follow our free tutorial to see the Big Dipper shining bright on Halloween night. You can easily adapt this design to include make-believe constellations like a bat, ghost, or witch's hat. 

Three-Step Spooky Halloween Wreath

Don't be afraid—only three simple steps stand between you and this DIY Halloween wreath. Coat a grapevine wreath with black spray paint, then weave tiny battery-operated LED string lights through the twigs. To finish, add a cute Halloween craft you can make while the paint dries, like our itsy-bitsy wood bead spider.

Easy No-Carve Hedgehog Pumpkins

These adorable candy pumpkins are adored by kids (especially if you let them sneak a few bites of candy corn) and require absolutely no carving. Craft these no-carve hedgehogs by gluing sweet candy corn onto a faux pumpkin, then decorating with a happy hedgehog face.

Make a set of gorgeous paper pumpkins with our easy dying techniques.

[Video] Crepe Paper Pumpkins

What's super easy, the fun kind of messy, and something adults and kids both love? Are you thinking — papier-mâché? You're right! Decorate strips of inexpensive crepe paper with our creative color-dying patterns, then hot-glue to a crafts pumpkin. These Halloween decorations are so easy that you'll want to create a whole crepe paper pumpkin patch! Save yourself on the cleanup by doing this DIY outside or by spreading out a tarp, old sheet, or newspaper.

Slime It Up

There’s no better season for playful slime than Halloween, and young trick-or-treaters will love this easy-to-make creation. The entire project takes less than 30 minutes and can be stored in small Mason jars or containers then given away to trick-or-treaters with food allergies. Just make sure to include these care instructions: This Halloween slime recipe should be kept in a closed, refrigerated container up to two weeks.

Make a Halloween Flower Pot

Get ready for your eyes to “bug” out on Halloween! Use our scary-simple tutorial to upgrade your terra-cotta pots from ordinary to an ogle-worthy Halloween plant decoration. This creepy-crawly craft calls for covering plastic spiders and centipedes with plaster of Paris for a dramatic look that might leave your skin crawling. If you can't find the perfect plant (like the jade plant pictured here), consider using this pot for treats.

Cream Pumpkin Blooming with Autumn Flowers

Looking for a more subtle DIY Halloween decoration? This faux pumpkin makes a blooming Halloween centerpiece when you plant orange ranunculus and white hydrangea inside. To start this flowering fall craft, fill an empty pumpkin with soaked florists foam. Press the fall flower stems into the foam and add sprigs of decorative foliage until the pumpkin is overflowing with bright blossoms.

Miniature Haunted House Favor Bags

Paper haunted house bags will have your guests screaming in delight at your next Halloween party. Show off these DIY Halloween treat bags by placing thick branches in a vase and hanging the miniature bags from the display. We won't judge if you skip the treats and use them just for decoration—they're too cute to give away!

Make your fall mantel merrier with cozy fabric pumpkins. The seasonal accent looks great as a centerpiece, too!

[Video] DIY Velvet Pumpkins for Fall

Velvet fall decorations manage to make us feel warm and cozy inside, even on a chilly fall day. Transform classic Halloween pumpkins into this cozy DIY decoration with warm shades of velvet (imagine purple pumpkin decadence!). The trick to this no-sew project is to buy foam pumpkin, then wrap velvet around the model with pleats. Our budget-friendly velvet is secured around the fabric pumpkins with hot glue, then topped with a twine-wrapped stem. Craft a variety of these no-sew velvet pumpkins for an easy Halloween centerpiece you can use year after year.

Make a Succulent Pumpkin Planter

If you love succulents and impressing your friends with the ability to keep something alive, this DIY is for you. This fun craft highlights your gardening talents, requires hardly any work, and makes a perfect centerpiece for the whole autumn season. It's a win-win in our book.

Halloween DIY Bat Garland

We're batty for this easy Halloween garland! To create this DIY Halloween decoration, just cut foam pieces into bat shapes and string a strand of them along your mantel. (You can download our free template.) The second part of the banner? Colorful trimmed straws that hang along another piece of wire. It's that simple. Once you hang it, spread out the straw and twist to add the different angles.

Build a gorgeous fall centerpiece with simple supplies. We'll show you three quick ideas.

[Video] Easy Pumpkin Centerpiece Ideas in Minutes

This simple table decoration will make a big impact with only a little work. We have three fall centerpiece ideas using the same supplies. A little gold spray paint works wonders on this simple Halloween centerpiece. Just pick your pieces and spray. Use gold paint and strategically placed glitter to transform faux pumpkins, leaves, and acorns into metallic masterpieces. Once dry, arrange the Halloween crafts in a centerpiece box.

Painted Halloween Pumpkin Message

Halloween is the holiday for spooky celebrations, but it’s also ideal for gathering with neighbors and friends on chilly nights. Paint welcoming messages like Gather on white pumpkins, then display them on your front porch to set the scene for a cozy fall get-together. You could add in a few Boo! pumpkins just to be festive.

Haunted Halloween Birdhouses

This spooky Halloween town has gone to the birds. Round up an array of wooden birdhouses and coat them with glossy black and matte gray spray paint to re-create this Halloween craft. We positioned our haunted town on a vibrant orange bench and completed the scene with miniature pumpkins and plastic spiders.

DIY Leather Acorn Banner

Give a subtle nod to Halloween with this easy fall craft that highlights the natural beauty of the holiday. Add small pumpkins in orange and white to your holiday mantel, then craft a garland of leather acorns and wooden beads to string above the fireplace. This cohesive display will last all of fall—and honestly, you could leave the beads year-round.

Halloween Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Kids will love creating this easy Halloween craft from orange and green cardstock. This simple DIY pumpkin craft comes together in minutes. Gather Halloween-theme scrapbook paper and cut into 1-inch strips. Form the strips into a circle and attach them using a brad at the top and bottom. Add a few green leaves to cover your tracks, and this kid-friendly Halloween craft is finished!

Make a Braided Spiderweb

No sticky, gross cobwebs here. Weave an easy and budget-friendly spiderweb using just three crafting materials.The best part: This Halloween spiderweb craft transitions seamlessly from indoor to outdoor decorating, depending on your holiday needs. We know. You feel like a genius for finding a way to make such a big statement with so little trouble. We do, too.

Make a No-Carve Pineapple Pumpkin

Dreaming of warmer weather as Halloween approaches? Channel some island inspiration by crafting a no-carve pumpkin in the shape of a pineapple with our step-by-step tutorial.

Halloween Pinecone Spiders

The scariest thing about these spiders is how easy it is to make them—and also that they're giant spiders. Pick up some pinecones or sweet gum pods from the backyard to form this easy Halloween craft. Check out our super-easy instructions to bring these creepy-crawly crafts to life. 

Sweet Halloween Wreath for Less Than $5

Tease Halloween trick-or-treaters with this inexpensive craft that puts candy front and center. Just turn empty cardboard candy boxes into a creative wreath by gluing them to a wreath base using hot glue. On Halloween night, kids will know your house is the best stop on their route.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Doormat

Say hello to guests with this DIY Halloween doormat decorated with pumpkins and a scattering of stenciled leaves. All you need is one afternoon to cover a plain doormat with fall leaves and white pumpkins, and you’ll have an easy welcome mat for the season. Use our free printable stencils to re-create our design, or paint a custom pattern that's all your own.

DIY Nail Polish Pumpkins

Use up old shades of nail polish with this 30-minute kids Halloween craft that can be a girls' night activity, too. Replicate our chic marble design by dropping nail polish into water, then mixing the colors with a toothpick. Decorate the small pumpkins by dipping the gourds into the colorful mixture, then allow to dry. Plus, you can do your nails to match after. Genius!

DIY Bat Wreath

Fly high with this Halloween wreath covered with origami critters! To make this Halloween craft, spray-paint a grapevine wreath form matte white, and let dry. Next, it’s time to form your bats. Cut black and gray art paper into squares, then fold the squares into bat shapes using our free pattern. Hot-glue the bats to the wreath.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Forget about orange and black as Halloween staples—our easy-to-follow tutorial will help you create a melted crayon pumpkin that can showcase the entire rainbow. This fun Halloween craft takes about 20 minutes to make, and anyone can do it using our simple guide.

Make a Fun Fall Wreath with Succulents

Combine faux autumn leaves, billy ball flowers, and indoor succulents for a harvest-hue wreath that will last well beyond Halloween. Touches of orange and yellow carry this gorgeous wreath through the spooky season to Thanksgiving. This craft is perfect for DIYers who prefer subtle decorations during fall.

No-Carve Decoupage Pumpkins

Grab your patterned wrapping paper and decoupage, folks—it's about to get crafty. These easy DIY pumpkins will have you whipping up autumn decorations all afternoon. Check out our three-step decoupage tutorial, which showcases the five items you need to make this Halloween craft a reality in less than 30 minutes.

No-Carve Pumpkins Decorated with Yarn

This one is so easy, you can do it while watching your favorite show. Grab a few mini gourds for less than a dollar, then wrap them with colorful yarn for the coziest Halloween craft. Our easy Halloween guide offers design tutorials and simple suggestions so you can get a little funky and customize this no-carve pumpkin craft.

Floating Front Porch Ghosts

Your guests/neighbors/trick-or-treaters will be blown away by these bobbing Halloween decorations. Give your front porch a spooky effect by inviting over a few floating ghosts to hang around. If you don't have spirits on speed dial, you can re-create our Halloween ghost craft in three steps. Simply draw black eyes on a white balloon, apply a thin coat of decoupage to the top of the balloon, then cover with cheesecloth. Cut the bottom of the cheesecloth into strips for an uneven edge that will wave in the wind on Halloween night.

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