15 Frightfully Quick Party Food Ideas for Halloween

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Prepare a Halloween party food spread that will have all the ghouls and guys howling in delight. From Halloween desserts to finger foods, these frightfully delicious party foods are guaranteed to impress. Trust us, you'll want to make these easy Halloween recipes all year long.

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Halloween Party Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops

Looking for easy Halloween party food ideas? Your party guests will go crazy over kid-friendly Halloween marshmallow pops decorated to look like a skull, mummy, ghost, pumpkin, and Frankenstein. Candy pieces and fondant make each pop unique, while paper party straws give the silly spooksters a place to perch.

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Halloween Oreo Ball Ghosts

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So adorable yet so easy, these cookies-and-cream Halloween party treats will disappear so quickly it's like they're real ghosts. Plus, this easy Halloween party food idea calls for just six ingredients.

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Marbled Caramel Apples

Marbled Caramel Apples
Blaine Moats

Perfect for fall gatherings, these chocolate-covered caramel apples are almost too pretty to eat. Make a batch in just 30 minutes of hands-on time. The treats make for perfect Halloween finger foods at any holiday party.

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Mummy Dogs

Mummy Hot Dog
Matthew Clark

These fun mummy hot dogs look like a lot of work, but they can be made in a pinch—simply wrap dogs with refrigerated breadstick dough. Serve the treats at any (and all!) fall and Halloween parties this season.

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Topsy-Turvy Witch Cupcakes

Topsy-Turvy Witch Cupcake Toppers

Your favorite cupcakes can easily become a plate of Halloween desserts. Make cupcakes wicked fun with these easy-to-create pointy witch shoes. Download our witch shoe pattern and print onto cardstock; cut out. Using white chalk, trace the shoe patterns onto black cardstock; cut out. Cut striped straws into 2-1/4-inch lengths. Cut a tiny slit in each straw, and insert the shoe cutouts into the slits.

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Bloody-Rimmed Martinis


Call on your inner vampire when you suck down these "bloody" martinis that pair well with any Halloween party appetizers. Not only will the drizzling red icing help set the Halloween mood, but their coconut flavor will keep your guests coming back for more.

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Chomping Halloween Oreo Monsters

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Decorate sandwich cookies with candy coating and sprinkles to make silly monster treats. Finish the creepy creatures with candy eyes and serve them with mini chocolate chip cookies to chomp!

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Tombstone Taco Dip

Tombstone Taco Dip

Venture into this graveyard and you'll discover a tasty taco party dip. Layers of refried beans, lettuce, and black olives mimic dirt and grass; tortilla shells easily transform into tombstones, a spooky tree, and a creepy cat in this Halloween food recipe.

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Eyeball Ice Punch

Eyeball Ice Punch

Your guests won't be able to shake the feeling that they're being watched when helping themselves to a glass of refreshing punch—a creepy eyeball ice ring floats inside. Made from fruit and candy, this spooky decoration will add sweet flavor to any Halloween drink.

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Spooktacular Halloween Milk Shakes

Halloween Milk Shakes

Frankula, Frappula, Hallo-Witch Shake—these milkshakes are made with Halloween's creepiest characters in mind. The mint, chocolate, and fruity flavors will go perfectly with any quick Halloween food recipes.

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Transylvania Punch

Translvania Punch

Halloween party punch doesn't get much simpler than this! Add cherry-flavor red gelatin to lemon-lime carbonated beverage for a spooky addition to your drink selection.

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Halloween Monster Cookies

Halloween Monster Cookies

Just as sweet as your favorite Halloween chocolate candy, monster cookies are a must-have at your party. These Halloween party treats could really be served at any holiday gathering—just leave out the creepy candy eyes.

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Tangled Web Shakes

Tangled Web Shakes
Kritsada Panichgul

These scrumptious milkshakes are a great way to get all your Halloween party guests involved in the fun. Have each person create their own tangled sugar spiderwebs and creepy chocolate and caramel drizzles along the insides of their glasses.

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Caramel Corn

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is the ultimate when it comes to easy Halloween party food recipes. Whether your Halloween shindig is for kiddos or adults, this sweet-yet-salty popcorn recipe is a sure way to satisfy any hungry monsters who attend.

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Floating Hand Punch

Floating Hand Punch

This easy Halloween recipe is sure to scare! Make frozen hands by filling latex gloves with tonic water and gummy worms. Drop the finished hands in a citrusy fruit punch and finish this delicious Halloween drink recipe with fresh sliced oranges.

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