8 Healthier Halloween Treats That Are Scary-Cute

Swap out bowls of candy for festive charcuterie boards, fruity parfaits, and other spooky foods for seasonal snacking.

With the excessive amount of candy invading your home during this time of year, the words "Halloween" and "healthy snacks" don't usually go hand-in-hand. But why not transform your approach to the spooky season? Consuming loads of sugar is hardly a requirement when there are so many creative ways to turn healthy snacks into festive holiday treats. We headed to Instagram for some inspiration, then rounded up a few of our favorite healthier Halloween treats for you and your family to try. They're still a little indulgent—while also incorporating fresh veggies and fruits—for a fun, more nutritious alternative to Halloween candy. We're confident that these scary-cute treats will have your kids (and the adults!) coming back for more.

Veggie Villains

Do you frequently set out sliced veggies for your house to snack on? Us, too. That's why we were so excited when we saw this adorable platter of veggies with monster eyes from Berry and the Boards. Now that we've discovered these jack-o'-lantern cucumbers and monster kiwis, we're going to be exclusively snacking on festive fruits and vegetables from October 1st 'til Halloween.

Candy Corn Parfait

Classic yellow-and-orange candy corn is a Halloween staple. In fact, the history of the candy traces back over a century. But let's face it: We're all a bit more conscious about eating healthier foods now—so if you're looking for a treat that isn't loaded with corn syrup, try this fruit-based alternative: Layer orange slices, pineapple pieces, and whipped cream in a Mason jar ($4, joann.com) to mimic the striped appearance of candy corn. Chelsey from Cherry Red Chels created this tasty treat with inspiration from Miriam Gin, and we'll be making our own versions ASAP. To serve this parfait as a breakfast treat, top yours with yogurt instead of whipped cream.

Boo-nanas and Orange "Pumpkins"

A pair of edible eyes instantly transform a banana into a tasty holiday snack. We love the way April of Mama Lafawn paired her spooky banana creatures with pumpkins (clementines with celery stems) and spiders (sandwich cookies with pretzels for legs). These fun Halloween snack hacks are perfect for first-time cooks—you could even let your kids play sous chef and see their creations come to life with these easy-to-make ideas.

Char-boo-terie Board

A grazing board is one of our favorite healthy snack options, and Sarah from 30 Minute Foodie assembled this insanely cute charcuterie board with a Halloween twist in just a few minutes. She turned peppers, multi-color carrots, apples, and dried apricots into ghosts and goblins by adding a few edible eyeball candies. Then she added pretzels, popcorn, leaf-shape tortilla chips, and a couple handfuls of sweet bites (hello, candy corn!) for the ultimate fall snack board.

Monster Pretzels

This season, reimagine the classic pretzel with a sweet twist. Start by dipping large pretzel rods into different colors of melted almond bark or candy coating, then add all the Halloween accents you can think of: drizzled icing, sprinkles, monster eyes, and edible bats. These seasonal decorations turn dipped pretzels into a festive treat that will curb your sweet tooth without overdoing it on the sugar. We love how Devin Rush, a lifestyle creator who loves all things spooky, turned snack time into a fun activity for her boys by letting them adorn their own pretzels.

Mummy Jalapeño Poppers

Perfect for an after-school snack with substance, these mummy-inspired pepper poppers are so good you'll want to munch on them all month long. Make them using In Fine Taste's recipe, which involves stuffing jalapeños with cheese, then covering them with tasty dough wrappings and edible eyeballs to mimic mummies. Of course, if you (or the kids) prefer less of a kick, you can make them with miniature bell peppers instead. These also make an adorable appetizer for Halloween parties.

Spooky Snack Board

There's nothing wrong with the occasional candy charcuterie board, but for everyday eating, consider swapping the sugary snacks for sandwiches, fruit, and cheese. To make your own festive tea sandwiches, cut your bread with a pumpkin-shape cookie cutter ($3, Etsy), and place a large ghost-shape cookie cutter on the board as a corral for small cheese slices. Add a few other munchies (including one or two indulgent options, like petite cookies, if you wish), and this board is ready for snacking.

Ghost Crackers

Put your sourdough skills to the test with these fun ghost-shape snacks. Follow Sarah's recipe for sourdough crackers (see photo above), then use a ghost cookie cutter ($2, Etsy) to trim them. Top with parmesan cheese and serve with hot pepper jelly for a tasty (and homemade!) Halloween snack. Round out the tray with cut fresh fruit and veggies.

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