Super Scary Halloween Treats

Get ready for a monster of a party with this great collection of monsterously good recipes from The Better Homes Kitchen. Here are the ghoulish details.

Chocolate Graveyard

Put your food-decorating skills to the test with a set of deliciously scary graveyard cupcakes. Start with homemade or store-bought cupcakes and frost with white icing. Make edible gravestones by separating sandwich cookies and cutting each half so they form rounded rectangles; scrape the frosting centers from the sandwich cookies and use it to pipe spooky words onto the gravestones. Top with pumpkin candies and chocolate trees; sprinkle crushed cookie dirt over the scene and finish off with green frosting grass.    Get the recipe.

Candy Corn Push-Up Pops

Candy corn is the Halloween treat that people either love or can't stand. This Halloween, satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with an adorable cake pop version of the classic candy! Start with cake and icing in the traditional candy colors and create a layered design inside push-up containers. Plus, this is an easy treat for kids to make—prepare the cake and icing ingredients and let the kids layer their own pops.

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Owl pretzels

Make a hauntingly delicious snack by decorating a large pretzel with all of your favorite candies. Dip a large soft pretzel in melted white candy coating, then layer cookies, white candy and chocolate chips to give the owl a set of wise eyes. Add licorice eyebrows, a candy nose and feet made out of sprinkles; dust with black sprinkles. For more colorful owl treats, use white layer cookies and brightly colored candies and sprinkles. 

Breadstick bones

Traditional breadsticks become a spooky skeleton with just a few clever cuts. Start with uncooked breadsticks and snip each end to form a bone shape; bake according to package directions. Arrange the cooked breadsticks around a head of marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and black olives. Make a large version with full-size breadsticks or create individual skeleton snacks by cutting the breadsticks in smaller pieces before baking. 

Spooky sugar cookies

Royal icing is the secret to transforming plain store-bought sugar cookies into a deliciously decorated Halloween treat. Frost the cookie with white icing; before the icing dries, pipe four concentric circles in black icing over the top. Starting in the middle, drag a toothpick from the center of the cookie to the edge of the white frosting. Repeat this motion all the way around the cookie to complete the spiderweb design. Finish these treats off with some cute candy toppers!

Decorate your own Halloween cookies with royal icing.

Marshmallow monsters

Fondant and candy pieces turn jumbo marshmallows into super scary monsters. Attach each tasty creation to the end of a bright paper straw to create a delicious display. Stand the straws up in a bucket of candy or use a marshmallow monster straw to decorate a festive drink. 

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Yummy mummies

Halloween party guests of all ages will go wild for these delicious mummy-theme snacks. Roll out uncooked breadstick dough and cut the dough into long strips; wrap the strips around packaged hot dogs. Add capers for eyes and bake until golden brown. Make full-size snacks or make bite-size mummies by using mini dogs and smaller strips of dough.

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