18 Halloween Dessert Ideas to Add a Little Spooky to Your Sweets

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
Photo: Blaine Moats

Halloween desserts are as important as candy. With that in mind, satisfy your sweet tooth with these Halloween treats that are as easy and fun to make as they are to eat. Whether you're throwing a party or just want a few extra sweets on hand, these are the scary-good recipes to make this October.

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Spiderweb Cake

Spider Web Cake
Andy Lyons 

Take your favorite cake, frost it orange, and add spiders—really! Frosting spiderwebs and cupcake-topper spiders crawl across this creepy Halloween cake. Speaking of spiders, this recipe includes an easy Halloween cupcake idea. If you'd rather, skip the cake, and serve the cupcake spiders.

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Spooky Strawberry Pumpkin Patch

dirt cake with strawberries

Turn strawberries into pumpkins and cookie crumbles into the dirt. This Halloween dessert recipe is freaky fast and oh-so-easy, plus it's pretty cute, too! Use a piping bag to create the green frosting vines.

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Halloween Pumpkin Bundt Cake

pumpkin bundt cake

Combine two Bundt cakes to make one giant pumpkin, and add a frosting-covered ice cream cone as the stem. No crazy carving required! The Halloween cake makes a big statement but requires less than an hour of prep time.

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Halloween Candy Bark

halloween bark

This bark is as customizable as your Halloween costume. Sprinkle pretzels, cookie crumbles, candy corn—whatever you like—on melted vanilla candy bark. Once it's set, break it up to make a bowl of Halloween treats.

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Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

brownies with candy

Can't stand looking at leftover Halloween candy? Make these! The Halloween cookie bars are your go-to any time you've got too much candy lying around.

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Wicked Witch's Popcorn Hat

rice crispy treat witch hat
Blaine Moats

Halloween desserts should go all out, so go for wicked or zany with this edible witch's hat. The concoction is an updated popcorn ball recipe tinted with food coloring pastes and shaped into hat form. For something a little wicked, use black and orange food coloring pastes. For something zany, pair vibrant colors.

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Halloween Oreo Ball Ghosts

ghost oreo balls

Simply add mini chocolate piece eyes to cookies-and-cream treats to make the easiest Halloween dessert ever. These ghosts will disappear quickly!

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Bat Cookies

halloween bat treats
Marty Baldwin

These Halloween cookies are extra chocolaty. And who can resist chocolate—especially in bat form? These yummy Halloween treats get their start with toaster pastries and sandwich cookies.

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Halloween Monster Cookies

Halloween Monster Cookies
Matt Clark

Meet your new monster-approved party staple: chocolaty Halloween cookies. Candy eyes give off a just-spooky-enough feel without being scary. Make them when you need Halloween treats for youngsters.

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Spooktacular Halloween Milk Shakes


If the wicked witch inspires a milkshake, you know it's going to be wicked good. Try this frozen Halloween dessert idea, which also comes with Frankenstein and vampire versions.

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Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
Blaine Moats

Don't worry, when it comes to Halloween cupcake ideas, we've got you covered. These decorated cupcakes are seriously cute. Ordinary cakes transform into a pumpkin patch with piped frosting and candies.

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Spirited Cookies

halloween ghost cookies on orange background
Andy Lyons

A simple swipe of frosting transforms these chocolate cookies into easy Halloween treats. This big-batch recipe makes 48 cookies—perfect for gifting to others!

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Marbled Caramel Apples

marbelized caramel apples with paper art
Blaine Moats

Caramel apples are a fall favorite made from crisp, in-season apples and rich, buttery caramel. Give the classic a Halloween twist with a dip in marbled chocolate.

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Candy Corn Cupcakes

Candy Corn Cupcakes
Jay Wilde

Layers of colorful frosting top these orange cupcakes. To make, simply color vanilla frosting and pipe into three rings. Use patterned cupcake liners to create an easy Halloween dessert.

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Chocolate Spider Cake

chocolate spider cake
Marty Baldwin

Spiders usually make people scream eek! But this concoction of luscious cake, sweet chocolate, and delicious candy is the over-the-top Halloween dessert you've been looking for.

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Dragon Food Dessert

Dragon Food Dessert
Colleen Duffley

A variation on the classic dirt and worms dessert, Dragon Food is an easy Halloween treat for kids. The layers of pudding, cookies, and gummy candies are a winning combination for all your little monsters, goblins, and gremlins.

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Apple-Brown Butter Bars

Apple-Brown Butter Bars
Blaine Moats

Transform apples into a festive Halloween dessert display. Start with spiced brown butter bars and top with rows of sliced apples. Serve on a black and white platter to continue the Halloween theme.

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Falling Leaves Cake

Chocolate Fall Leaves
Greg Scheidemann

Welcome fall with a cake perfect for any autumn occasion. Start with a frosted cake and embellish with chocolate "clay" leaf cutouts. This Halloween dessert might be the perfect cake to bring to your office.

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