Decorate Halloween Cookies with Royal Icing

Using royal icing for cookies can be intimidating, but with our best tips, it's so easy to make Halloween cookies that are as beautiful as they are delicious! Plus, get our royal icing recipe for cookies and our favorite sugar cookie recipes.

An easy royal icing recipe is the secret to decorating perfect holiday cookies, because there are so many ways to use the icing! It has a thin enough consistency that it works well with frosting bags, making it easy to pipe a perfect design onto a cookie. To show you why we love using royal icing for sugar cookies, we've rounded up our best tips and techniques for adorable Halloween goodies! 

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Spooky Skeletons

One of the main perks of using a royal icing recipe for cookie decorating is that you can add multiple colors and patterns while all the frosting is still wet, and the surface will dry flat and smooth, making your cookies look professionally decorated. To get these adorable skeleton cookies, start with bat and cat cookie cutters and a basic sugar cookie dough. Using black royal icing in a frosting bag, pipe an outline around the cookie, and fill in the rest of the cookie. While the black icing is still wet, pipe white skeleton shapes over the cookies. Add small black candies and a dot of white icing to create the eyes. These cookies are almost too cute to eat!

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Scary Spiderwebs

This spooky spiderweb design looks intense, but it's actually so easy to create with a clever royal icing decorating tip! Pipe a white border around the edge of the cookie and fill in with white icing; piping a border first helps you create a perfectly-frosted circle. While the white frosting is still wet, add four concentric circles in black icing. Starting in the middle, drag a toothpick from the center of the cookie to the outside, stopping just before the edge of the white icing. Repeat this technique all the way around to create the spider web, then add a ghostly friend and a Halloween candy.

Perfect Pumpkins

A perfect jack-o'-lantern cookie is hard to come by, but you'll be the talk of this year's Halloween parties with these yummy pumpkin cookies! To make these, bake or buy pumpkin-shaped cookies and then use royal icing to pipe and fill in the cookie's orange background and green stem. To get the raised look of the jack-o'-lantern's face, wait for the orange background to dry completely before adding the black icing. Using a piping tool makes creating perfect eyes and mouths so easy - one of our favorite perks of decorating cookies with royal icing!

Flying Bats

These sprinkle-dipped bats are so cute. They're also so easy to make with our easy royal icing decorating technique! Start with a bat-shape sugar cookie, and frost the entire surface in brown or black royal icing. Let it dry until the entire surface is flat and smooth. While the background is drying, create the eyes. Making decorations and embellishments with royal icing is easy; pipe white circles onto a sheet of waxed paper, adding small black dots to create the eyes. When the eyes are dry, you'll be able to peel them up and add them to the cookie with a dot of icing. Once the cookie is completely dry, pipe more icing in a line on the bottom of the cookie; since the top of the cookie is already dry, you'll be able to easily pick it up by the top to dip in a bowl of sprinkles. These cookies are so cute you won't want to eat them! 

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  1. wondering if I can ice the cookies with the Royal icing and then freeze the cookies

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