Halloween Party Appetizers

Your Halloween appetizer spread should be as creative as your costumes. Bite into these creative sweet and savory Halloween party food ideas, including mummy-wrapped finger food and monstrous cheese balls, for your next frightful bash.

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    Pumpkin Bread Truffles

    Nothing says fall like a plate of mini pumpkins! Made with spiced pumpkin bread and decadent cream cheese frosting, these party treats taste as good as they look. If you've got a steady hand, spook up these Halloween snacks by turning them into jack-o'-lanterns.

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    Creepy Bug Buns

    Bugs are crawling on the table—and your Halloween guests will love it! These pizza-inspired buns are filled with oozy mozzarella and blood-red pizza sauce. Pretzel sticks and nuggets form the legs and head of each bug. Made with frozen dough, these buggy buns are the perfect easy Halloween party food.

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    Chomping Halloween Oreo Monsters

    These Halloween cookies look more adorable than scary, which makes them even more appealing. And if you’re looking for a Halloween party activity, let the kids make the mini monsters themselves.

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    Eyeball Quiche

    Staring red eyes give these zombie-face mini quiches an undead aura. The bite-size appeal and tasty filling will have Halloween guests gobbling them up anyway, which is exactly what you want for Halloween finger foods! Pimiento-stuffed olive slices serve as the hypnotic eyes, but pearl onions hidden beneath keep the eyes from sinking into the rich egg-and-cheese filling.

    Tip: If you don't have the time or inclination to make your own pastry dough for these tiny quiches, substitute refrigerated piecrust dough.

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    Wicked Witch Hats

    A wicked witch is definitely not sweet, and neither is her hat. Blue corn tortilla chips give these salty, cheesy, and slightly spicy Halloween appetizers their dark color, and a thin carrot peel adds some witchy style. Serve with extra chips to dip.

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    Black Cat Cheese Ball

    Your Halloween party guests will get wide grins on their own faces when they see this black cat on the table. Filled with cheeses, garlic, onion, pimiento, and spices, the cheese ball has a savory kick that makes great Halloween party food for adults. Rolled in crushed blue tortilla chips, this grinning cat tastes as good as it looks. Make the cheese ball ahead so you have plenty of time to enjoy the compliments.

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    Mr. Bones and Double Dips

    Dem bones, dem bones, dem tasty bones! Fresh vegetables form this colorful skeleton that will be the hit of the Halloween snacks table. Smoky Red Pepper Dip and Creamy Avocado Dip encourage guests to pick away at these good-for-you bones. Make sure you have plenty of extra dippers—this skeleton is doomed to vanish quickly.

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    Goblin Cookie Truffles

    These frightening critters are a must-have for your next black-and-orange bash. Rich, chocolaty, and topped with ghoulish candy eyes, these Halloween sweets are scary good.

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    Halloween Hors d'Oeuvres

    These easy Halloween appetizers are much more delightful than frightful. To make, use mini Halloween-theme cookie cutters to cut out pieces of cheese and meat. Place cutouts on top of various crackers along with lettuce leaves; use olive pieces to decorate the faces.

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    Hummus Pumpkin

    This spooky hummus pumpkin is just begging to be carved into. To make, scoop hummus onto a serving plate, then cover with finely shredded carrots. A small piece of green onion makes a perfect pumpkin stem. Talk about easy Halloween party food!

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    Meaty Mummies

    Wrap a legion of scary mummies for a Halloween dinner or party appetizer. To make, skewer a purchased meatball and a 4-inch piece of summer sausage stick with a 6-inch wooden skewer. Combine 8 ounces cream cheese and 1 teaspoon purchased pesto. Spread some of the mixture over the meat skewer and wrap with cooked fettuccine noodles. For a more bulky body, spread with additional cream cheese mixture and wrap with another layer of cooked fettuccine. Add capers for eyes. Serve with pasta sauce for dipping, and these Halloween finger foods will be gone in no time.

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    Wicked-Easy Snack Mix

    Sweet and salty, this mix comes together in seconds for a last-minute Halloween appetizer. Toss together equal amounts candy corn, pretzels, peanuts, and corn chips, and get ready for grazing. The best part about this Halloween snack recipe? If you run out during the party, you can whip up another batch in minutes.

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    Chicken Fingers

    Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, these fingers make a fun addition to the Halloween party food menu. Simple chicken breasts become Halloween appetizer-worthy when sliced and served with Romesco Dipping Sauce.

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    Halloween Nachos

    Grinning jack-o'-lanterns made from taco ingredients keep the buffet line moving. To make, start with large round crackers, spread with sour cream and/or salsa, and top with cooked taco meat and shredded cheese. Use tomatoes, peppers, and olives to make jack-o'-lantern faces on these easy Halloween snacks.

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    Breadstick Bones

    Transform traditional breadsticks into bare bones for this frightful skeleton. To make, simply cut the ends of uncooked breadsticks before baking. Arrange the ghastly bites around a marinara head decorated with mozzarella cheese and black olives to ghastly Halloween finger food perfection.

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    Chocolate-Dipped Pumpkin Marshmallows

    These fluffy, chocolate-dipped marshmallows don't just look like pumpkins—they taste like them, too! We've added a sweet dose of pumpkin puree and cozy spices to the easy Halloween treats for comforting fall flavor.

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    Creamy Halloweeny Push-Up Pops

    In search of Halloween party food for kids other than candy? These orange treats are so fun and much easier to make than they look. With white cake mix as the base, the orange-hue treats (that's orange pudding in the middle!) will get everyone in the Halloween spirit. To give the candy corn-theme pops a spookier look, use black food coloring instead.

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    Green Pepper Frog

    Make veggies fun to eat at Halloween by turning them into a silly frog. Remove the top of a green pepper and set aside. Remove the seeds and membranes. Cut out leg shapes from another green pepper, and attach to the front of the body using toothpicks. Fill the pepper with favorite vegetables. Add a long slice of carrot for a tongue. Using toothpicks, place two large pimento-stuffed green olives on top of the pepper lid for eyes. Serve the Halloween appetizers with a favorite salad dressing.

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    Halloween Candy Bark

    This candy bark is part salty, part sweet, and frighteningly delicious. Serve up a big bowl of sweet Halloween candy shards and your guests will go crazy for it!

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    Vampire Bagel

    With savory to-die-for flavors, this Transylvanian is something guests will love to sink their teeth into. To make this Halloween party snack, spread cream cheese over a mini bagel half, then use triangle strips of red pepper for a colorful collar. A cut olive serves as this count's eyebrows and 'do, while a strip of carrot makes a wicked nose. Close the casket on this treat with thin slices of green onion and capers for eyes.

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    Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball

    A tasty cheese ball turns into a Halloween appetizer for adults when costumed in nacho-cheese-flavor chips. To make, roll cheese ball in crushed chips and place on a bed of kale. Cut a black olive into two triangle-shape pieces for the eyes and press into the cheese ball. Add three olive halves to form the grin. (You might need to remove chips from these areas so the olives stick.) Place a dill pickle on top for a stem.

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    Spiderweb Soup

    You might frighten your guests with this spooky spiderweb, but they'll forgive you when they taste the simple milk and sour cream flavors that weave it together. Use a condiment bottle and a toothpick to prep your favorite soup for a Halloween party.

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    Moldy Cheese Balls

    These green cheese balls look past their prime, but their "mold" is an herb coating that adds to the flavor. When plated with plastic spiders, they really achieve a gross-out appearance—perfect for a spread of spooky Halloween appetizers.

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    Shrimp Brain Cocktail

    This delightfully gruesome concoction will win any creepy-eats contest. With red pepper "veins" and plenty of flavors, guests won't be able to keep their hands off this Halloween app.

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    Tombstone Sandwiches

    For a quick Halloween appetizer so good it comes from the graves, serve guests tombstone sandwiches. To make, cut chicken salad sandwiches into tombstone shapes, roll the edges in chopped pecans for a pebbly look, and serve from a graveyard covered in creepy cabbage.

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    Mummy Dogs

    Cook up some dogs for an all-wrapped-up take on Halloween finger food. Refrigerated breadsticks do the legwork. Make the appetizer lighter with cocktail wieners and a pinch of the breadstick dough rather than a full breadstick.

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    Graveyard Dip

    Dig into this spooky graveyard—if you dare! Venture into this Halloween appetizer and you'll discover a tasty taco dip. Layers of refried beans, lettuce, and black olives mimic dirt and grass. Eerie shapes cut from tortilla shells complete the spooky Halloween landscape.

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    Monster Mouths

    Perhaps you're in search for Halloween party food that's a bit healthier than the Halloween candy. These three-ingredient treats are about 80 percent apples, but they're so adorable the kids won't even notice they're getting a serving of fruit.

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    Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Skewers

    With this Halloween appetizer, your guests will be too busy saying yum to be frightened—that is once they get past the spider guarding the dip. The bacon-wrapped shrimp and accompanying dipping sauce make fiery hot and tasty Halloween hors d'oeuvres.

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    Spooky Stew

    Every party needs a few savory offerings to balance the snacks and sweets. Turn a favorite stew into a ghoulish delight with this ghostly garnish. To make, spoon servings of stew (or soup) into individual serving dishes, filling about two-thirds full. Using a pastry bag fitted with a large round tip, pipe hot mashed potatoes into a ghost shape on top of each serving. Use capers for ghost eyes, and sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese around the base of each ghost. Boo! Easy Halloween party food at your service.

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    Witch's Hat Calzones

    Though these Halloween appetizers will frighten your guests, their tasty insides will quickly put them under your spell. Gather pizza ingredients, and you won't need to toil and trouble long to conjure up these tasty calzones.

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    Handy Pretzels

    Give new meaning to "finger food" with these Halloween appetizers. Large pretzel sticks resemble digits when the ends are dipped in melted candy coating and topped with a sliced-almond "fingernail." Display them in a shirt-sleeve-covered jar for an extra Halloween party touch.

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    Deviled Eyes

    Spooky peepers—made from sliced black olives, asparagus tops, and bits of red pepper—put a frightful spin on deviled eggs. Arrange the Halloween appetizer in fun dishes to make them the focal point of the party.

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    Slithering Snakewich

    This sneaky guy is stuffed with pizza ingredients. A red pepper strip provides the sinister tongue on this over-the-top yet easy Halloween party food.

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    Cheesy Goblin Head

    This crazy cheese ball is delightfully fun! The frightful hairdo is a mound of curly shredded beets, making this a healthy-ish Halloween party food for adults.

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