8 Monstrously Good Halloween Cake Ideas for Ghouls and Goblins

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Halloween cakes might not be as common as Halloween candy, but c'mon—no one is ever going to turn down cake! Even better, these monstrously delicious Halloween cake ideas are transformed into your favorite spooky characters (think spiders, cats, pumpkins, and skulls). Get inspired by these frightful—and delightful—Halloween cakes decorated with frosting, candies, and even cookies.

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Halloween Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Halloween Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Add almond flavor to a vanilla cake, then turn it into a pumpkin with this Halloween Bundt cake recipe. This Halloween cake's decoration is more than just frosting: The entire cake is shaped like fall's favorite fruit (yes, a pumpkin is actually a fruit!). A wafer ice cream cone dipped in green frosting makes a perfect stem.

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Dirt and Worms Cake

cake, dirt cake, worms

This Halloween dirt cake is made with a triple dose of everyone's favorite flavor—chocolate! Rich dark chocolate cake layers are frosting with fudgy frosting. Finish this Halloween cake idea with crushed chocolate cookies, gummy worms, and candy corn.

Test Kitchen Tip: Swirled lollipops and plastic spiders make easy Halloween cake toppers.

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Ghost Cake

Ghost Cake

This Halloween cake is so fun to decorate. Meringue frosting—swirled on to look like ghostly clouds—makes a hauntingly cool Halloween cake decoration.

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Candy Corn Poke Cake

Candy Corn Poke Cake
Matthew Clark

Drizzled with candy corn syrup and topped with homemade whipped cream, this Halloween sheet cake recipe is a sweet crowd-pleaser. Top the finished cake with crunchy salted peanuts and a sprinkle of candy corn.

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Skeleton Graveyard Cake

Graveyard Cake

No bones about it—Halloween baking doesn't have to be difficult! This graveyard cake is both spooky and tasty. For the decorations, pipe meringue into bone shapes and bake to set.

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Spider Halloween Cake

Spider Web Cake

With its gumdrop stem, pumpkin shape, and pumpkin flavor, this cake both looks and tastes like Halloween. Rolled-out gumdrops create the cute vines and leaves.

Editor's Tip: Roll out black gumdrops, cut into triangle shapes, and assemble on the Halloween cake to create an edible jack-o'-lantern, or use a tube of chocolate frosting to pipe on the final touches.

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Scary Skull Cake


This scary skull cake may startle your guests because it's rolling in worms, but this sweet treat is still worth a try. And with our free pattern, you won't have to be a mad scientist to concoct this Halloween themed cake.

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Apple-Maple Spice Cake

Bundt Apple Maple Spice Cake drizzled with maple-caramel sauce
Blaine Moats

This spooky spiced Halloween Bundt cake holds tricks and treats for all of your goblins and guests. Enjoy the sugar and spice in both the cake's recipe and the festive apple Halloween cake decorations.

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