Halloween Cookies: Easy Ways to Decorate

Frankenstein Halloween Cookie
Craving Halloween cookies? All you need is icing, candy, and a little bit of ghoulish creativity. We'll show you how to decorate Halloween sugar cookies that are scary yet sweet with designs like monsters, pumpkins, spiders, cats, skeletons, and more. Plus, all of our decorations start with round store-bought sugar cookies -- all you have to do is decorate!

Ghostly Good-Looking

You won't believe how easy it is to decorate adorable Halloween cookies! To get this spooky spiderweb look, frost a round sugar cookie in white icing, and add concentric circles in black frosting. While both frosting colors are still wet, drag a toothpick from the center of the cookie toward the edge, and repeat all the way around the circles to complete the web. Top off with a ghost candy and a candy corn! 

Halloween Cookie Tip: Store decorated Halloween cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Mummy Halloween Cookie

This guy's spooky eyes are hidden behind piped-on bandages! A flat pastry tip provides the special effects for this mummified Halloween cookie. Run a few lengths of white frosting across your cookie, push in two green candy eyes, then pipe on a few more rounds of frosting.

"Eek" Cookie

Add your favorite Halloween phrases to sugar cookies for a fun and easy cookie design. Frost a cookie with bright-color icing and use white frosting to pipe on the letters. Then, roll the edges of the cookie in a plate of sprinkles to create a sugary border around the cookie. Tip: Use tweezers to remove any sprinkles that fall out of place.

Cookie Tip: Start with the center "E," then pipe on the other letters to make sure the word is centered.

Ghost Halloween Cookie

Never fear this friendly ghost who sports candy eyes and a licorice mouth. Spread white frosting in a basic ghost shape (pipe the shape first, then fill in with frosting). Press in two chocolate candies for the eyes and a trimmed piece of red shoestring licorice for the mouth. These Halloween cookies will disappear quickly!

Hypnotic Halloween Cookie

This easy Halloween cookie is so fun to make! Spread white frosting for the background of your cookie. Starting from the center, pipe on a continuous spiral of brown or black icing, and then press orange candy-coated milk chocolate pieces around the edge. We love the orange and brown color combo, but you can make these Halloween cookies with any color icing and candy you have on hand.

Spider Web Halloween Cookie

Get caught up in the web of fun on this cookie! Frost this cookie with chocolate frosting, and pipe on a white frosting web; mark seven end points for the web on the edge of the cookie, then work your way in. To finish it off, add a candy spider friend that's almost too cute to eat! 

Basic Candy Halloween Cookie

Go basic with a make-in-mass Halloween cookie design. Frost your cookie with bright orange icing. Press in brown chocolate-coated candies in a basic design, or choose any Halloween candy or design you like.

Gravestone Halloween Cookie

We picked "RIP," but you can say anything you like on your cookie gravestone -- your personalized cookie might be more fun than frightening! Spread brown frosting in a gravestone shape (pipe the shape first, then fill in with frosting). Pipe on a phrase with white frosting. Spread on green frosting for the grass, then use your spatula to artfully extend the grass tips.

"Boo" Halloween Cookie

No fear here: This frightful message is just for fun. Frost your cookie with orange frosting. Pipe on the letters using brown frosting. Carefully place brown sprinkles around the outside of the cookie (use tweezers to remove any that fall out of place). These Halloween cookies are boo-tifully simple.

Cookie Tip: Start with the center "o," then pipe on the other letters to make sure the word is centered.

Skeleton Halloween Cookie

Little ghouls will grin at this not-so-frightful skeleton cookie. Use a spatula to layer on white frosting in a simple skull shape. Trim black licorice to make eyes, a nose, and a toothy mouth, then press the pieces into the frosting. Not long after you set out the tray of Halloween cookies, the plate will be bare as bones. 

Spider Halloween Cookie

A cookie on a cookie takes this spider design to new heights -- and no guest will complain about getting two Halloween cookies! Frost the cookie with bright green icing, then pipe on eight legs using brown frosting. Press on a chocolate sandwich cookie for the spider's body, and use a dab of icing to secure orange candy eyes on top.


Large Spider Cookie

The best Halloween cookies are both cute and creepy, so this guy is sure to be a Halloween cookie favorite. Trim black licorice to form eight thin spider legs. Use generous dollops of frosting to secure the legs in the center of your sugar cookie. Press on a chocolate-covered mint patty. Pipe two eyes using orange frosting. 

Cauldron Halloween Cookie

You'll bubble over with excitement at this cauldron-theme Halloween cookie. Pipe the outline for the cauldron with brown-tinted icing. Fill in the pot with more brown icing, and top with green candy-coated milk chocolate pieces to represent overflowing bubbles.

Pumpkin Halloween Cookie

Celebrate a seasonal icon with a pumpkin cookie design. Spread orange frosting in a pumpkin shape in the center of your cookie. Pipe on brown icing to create the outline and a few pumpkin ridges. Trim a green licorice piece for the stem and press into the frosting. Though perfect for the holiday, these Halloween cookies can be made all autumn long.

Flying Bat Halloween Cookie

Take flight with this bat-theme Halloween cookie idea. Spread orange frosting all over your cookie for the background. Pipe on a brown frosting outline for the bat, then fill in with additional frosting. We promise your guests will go batty for these cute Halloween treats!

Frankenstein Halloween Cookie

Frankly, you can make monstrously fun Halloween sugar cookies with this Frankenstein idea. Use a spatula to layer on green frosting in a rough rectangle shape. Place two red candy-coated milk chocolate pieces at the top of the monster's head. Place two brown candy-coated milk chocolate pieces as eyes. Fill a pastry bag with brown-tinted icing and pipe on hair, a single eyebrow, a nose, and a smile. A bit of white frosting creates the goofy tooth.

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