5 Easy Halloween Cookies that Are Better Than Candy

halloween ghost cookies on orange background
Photo: Andy Lyons

Craving Halloween cookies? All you need is icing, candy, and a little bit of ghoulish creativity. We'll show you how to decorate Halloween cookies that are scary yet sweet with designs like monsters, pumpkins, spiders, cats, skeletons, and more.

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Dracula Mouth Cookies

Dracula Mouth Cookies halloween marshmallows teeth
Hannah Bigot

Chocolate oatmeal cookies get a scream-inducing makeover with mini marshmallows and slivered almonds. Add the finishing touch to these delicious Halloween cookies with purchased or homemade frosting that's been tinted red.

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Halloween Monster Cookies

Halloween Monster Cookies
Matt Clark

These fall treats are loaded with rich chocolate, peanut butter, oats, and candies. They're total crowd-pleasers. Press in candy eyeballs midway through baking for the ultimate Halloween cookie recipe!

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Chomping Halloween Oreo Monsters

Chomping Halloween Oreo Monsters
Matthew Clark

These dipped Halloween cookies are cute and easy! You'll need just five inexpensive ingredients to create your own chomping monster cookies. Make a big batch in under 30 minutes.

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Spider Truffle Cookies

Spider Cookies black plate decorations halloween video still
Hannah Bigot

The best Halloween cookies are both cute and creepy, so this guy is sure to be a Halloween cookie favorite. Top a homemade chocolate cookie with a chocolate-covered truffle. Use piped frosting to create the spider legs. Press on two candy eyes.

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Spirited Cookies

halloween ghost cookies on orange background
Andy Lyons

A simple chocolate cookie is the base of these spirited Halloween cookies. Decorate each cookie with a friendly ghost made from either purchased or homemade cream cheese frosting.

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