Super-Speedy Halloween Treats

Dragon Dessert
These Halloween treats may take less time to prepare than your Halloween candy—no, really! These spooky sweets, including Halloween cookies and easy Halloween cupcakes, all take less time than it takes to run to the nearest candy store.

Wicked-Easy Trail Mix

Nothing scary about this hauntingly easy snack. On their own, cereal, peanuts, yogurt-covered raisins, and banana chips might not scream Halloween snacks. But combine the mix with candy corn, and you've got yourself a semihealthy Halloween treat. 

Editor's Tip: For a Halloween party display, layer black and white cupcake liners, then machine-stitch through both layers to craft tiny snack baskets. Thread a length of black-and-white-covered wire or pipe cleaner through opposite sides of the baskets for handles.

Haunted Owl Pretzel

Everyone will hoot with delight at this owl's haunting appearance. They’re delicious, so easy, and they make perfect Halloween treats for kids. Dip large soft pretzels in melted white candy coating. Layer sandwich cookies, white candies, and chocolate chips for wide-open eyes. Use leftover candy coating to attach bits of black licorice for eyebrows. Dust with black sugar, add a black jelly bean nose, and use black licorice candies to make feet. 

Sandwich Spooks

Conjure some welcome spirits for Halloween snacks. Start with a basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Cut it into a ghost shape using a cookie cutter. Press two raisin eyes into bread, using peanut butter to attach if necessary. Use a small cookie cutter for snack-size treats, or a large cutter for a haunted lunch centerpiece. Boo-tiful!

Mummy Dogs

These four-ingredient Halloween snacks take just 20 minutes from start to finish. Make a lot—these mummies will disappear fast!

Spooktacular Halloween Milk Shakes

Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wicked Witch inspired these sweet shakes. The ice-cold Halloween treats are so good that you'll want to celebrate the holiday all year long.

Monster Mouths

These mouthy monsters have a real bite—a delicious one. Apples and peanut butter form mouths gaping with crooked candy corn teeth for a monstrously fun snack in minutes. Plus, Halloween snacks for kids usually aren’t healthy at all, but at least this one is on the right track!

Halloween Candy Bark

All you need for this ghoul-ishly good candy bark is melted white chocolate and an assortment of toppings. This easy Halloween treat is party-ready in 20 minutes or less. 

Moldy Popcorn Balls

Argh! These easy Halloween treats look like they've been decaying in a deep, dark cavern, but they're a real treasure. Dress up favorite popcorn balls with a dose of green food coloring for a colorful gem your little pirates will search for.

Bet-Your-Life Marshmallow Dice

With a roll of the dice, these treats are always a winner. Homemade marshmallows will take awhile, but you can also cut store-bought marshmallows into large cubes for a super-easy Halloween treat. Make the dots on each side using cake-decorating markers. Stack the dice in favor of fun!

Editor's Tip: Homemade marshmallows require significant chilling time. If you don't have time to wait, online confectioners offer a wide assortment of the gourmet treats. Some are already cut into a cube shape.

Marshmallow Pops

Turn marshmallows into spooky-yet-adorable Halloween treats. Fondant and Halloween candy transform the sweets into monsters. 

Jack-O'-Lantern Sandwiches

Remember that Halloween treats don’t always need to be sweet. Open-face bologna-and-cheese sandwiches are easier to carve than a pumpkin. Use small cookie cutters to cut jack-o'-lantern features into cheese slices. Remove crusts from bread slices, and trim bologna slices to fit the bread. Layer the cheese face on top, and complete the pumpkin with a bread-crust stem and basil leaf.

Graveyard Dip

Halloween snacks are all about the presentation. Crooked pretzel walls define a mysterious graveyard, while tombstone-shape dippers hint at what's beneath the surface. But there's no mystery about how much you'll love this delicious dip with its buried layers of hummus, honeyed onion, and garlic-seasoned yogurt.

Mad Scientist Mix

This experiment always succeeds! Popcorn, nuts, and cereal make ideal test subjects, and a kicky honey-mustard potion ensures the Halloween snack's results are always positive.

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Grow a little Halloween fun at snack time. Cupcakes take on Halloween charm with some quick decorating magic. Mound bright orange frosting onto cupcakes, then gently roll the entire top or just the edge in orange decorating sugar, alternating fine and coarse sugars for the look you prefer. To make indentations that resemble the lines of a pumpkin, press a wooden skewer on top of sugared cupcakes, spacing evenly. Finish with pretzel-stick stems. Turn the decorating into a party activity: These cupcakes are great Halloween treats for kids!

Editor's Tip: Bake or buy mini, regular, and jumbo cupcakes to create three sizes for your pumpkin patch.

Pretzel Skeletons

Eek! There's a skeleton on that plate! He's made with pretzel sticks and cheese spread, and he's sure to tickle a child's funny bone. When you have a ton of Halloween candy on hand, savory snacks like these will be welcomed with open arms.

Bat Cookies

These Halloween cookies are super sweet—both in flavor and looks! With loads of chocolate and yummy ingredients, these winged bats will fly right off the plate.

Graveyard Gravel Fudge

Shape "stones" from an easy shortcut fudge, and roll them in cocoa powder dust. The easy Halloween treats look frighteningly like the real thing.

Mice Cookies

You won't have to set a trap for these Halloween cookie mice. Hungry kids will get rid of them no time.

Handy Pretzels

Hand over these easy Halloween treats to guests as an eerie party buffet offering. Dip large pretzel sticks into melted white candy coating and sliced almond nails. Display the fingers in a jar covered with an old shirt cuff.

White-as-a-Ghost Pops

Food always tastes better when served on a stick. These cereal ghosts are dipped in melted candy coating. Once you’ve cut out the ghosts, shape the scraps into more fun Halloween treats like pumpkins!

Wicked Witch's Popcorn Hat

Decorate this easy Halloween treat witch-ever way you want. To summon up an oddball spirit, go wacky with crazy colors. For something a little more wicked, choose traditional black and orange food coloring pastes. Either way, the popcorn-and-candy snack hints that a wayward crone has passed these parts, casting a colorfully crazy spell on your party.

Cocoa Cat Cookies

Bake and decorate a litter of these witch's cats. The dough is a brew of orange and chocolate flavors. Turn these into fun Halloween treats for kids by letting everyone ice their own. 

Dragon Dessert

Crushed-up cookies, frozen whipped topping, and jelly beans guarantee these Halloween treats for kids will be a hit with the adults, too. 

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