Wickedly Cute Halloween Recipes

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There are no tricks here; just treats. This Halloween, serve up staring monster cookies, vanishing ghost cupcakes, and shambling mummy brownies. Halloween food has never been so fun!

Halloween Oreo Ball Ghosts

No one will mind if these ghosts are haunting your treat table. Form cream cheese Oreo balls around mini marshmallows, then coat them in melted white chocolate to make tiny ghostly treats.

Scary-Easy Mummy Brownies

Cover chocolate sandwich cookies with white candy coating to make mini mummies to guard each slice of these chocolate brownies. You can even enlist your trick-or-treaters to help with drizzling on white chocolate bandages and adding chocolate candy eyes.

Spooky Strawberry Pumpkin Patch

From a distance, this pan might look like a mini pumpkin patch, but it's actually fully of orange candy coating-covered strawberries. Place the strawberry pumpkins on top of crushed sandwich cookies, then link them together with green frosting vines.

Scary-Good Halloween Donuts

Vampires, spiders, and mummies, oh my! Make sure even your donuts have a costume this Halloween by dressing them up as your favorite spooks using frosting, candy, and a few other special ingredients.

Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Before heading out to trick-or-treat this year, serve up a festive jack-o'-lantern dinner. Orange sweet peppers look just like pumpkins when you carve a face in the front, and a brown rice, black bean, and corn filling gives Halloween night a healthy start (for now).

Graveyard Cupcakes

Turn Halloween cupcakes into spooky graveyard treats with chocolate trees, candy corn pumpkins, and crushed cookie dirt. You can even make mini gravestones with white frosting and chocolate cookies cut to look like tombstones.

Boo-tiful Dirt and Worms Cake

Chocolate layer cakes are always popular, but this candy-covered cake will have everyone clamoring for a slice. Decorate this cake with gummy worms, crushed sandwich cookies, and candy rocks to make a sweet and spooky dessert.

Mr. Bones and Double Dips

We know convincing your kids to reach for veggies instead of candy on Halloween is close to impossible, but when you arrange carrots, celery, and cauliflower into a cute and creepy skeleton, they just might be enticed to take a bite.

Halloween Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Double up two bundt cakes to create a lifelike pumpkin treat that belongs at the center of your table, not on your front porch. Coat an ice cream cone in green frosting for the stem, then carve this pumpkin into slices to share with your guests.

Halloween Monster Cookies

You might see these candy-filled cookies looking back at you from your plate, but don't be alarmed—it's just candy eyeball sprinkles. These truly monster cookies also have peanut butter, rolled oats, and chocolate candies mixed in.

Mini Monster Cupcakes

Choose your favorite design and get started building your own spooks. We have three ideas to inspire your creations, but you can create a menagerie of monsters decorated any way you like.

Tombstone Taco Dip

Even your taco dip is getting a spooky Halloween makeover this year. Use shredded lettuce as grass and refried beans as dirt, then create a cute or spooky graveyard scene by decorating with tortilla chip tombstones, trees, and cats.

Chomping Halloween Oreo Monsters

For a fun activity in the days before Halloween, have your kids help decorate these cookie-crazed monsters. Coat chocolate sandwich cookies in melted candy coating, then let everyone create their own monster with candy eyeballs, mustaches, and bows.

Spooktacular Halloween Milk Shakes

Plain milk shakes become spooktacular treats when you dress them up as Dracula, witches' brew, and Frankenstein's monster. Don't take your eyes off these shakes—they might vanish if you do!

Ghostly Spirits Cocktail

The adults need treats on Halloween too, and these creamy, whipped cream-topped vodka cocktails are sure to be popular. Top each glass with a white chocolate ghost to guard these spooky beverages.

Mummy Dogs

Take a break from the sweets and sink your teeth into these cute and easy hot dogs. Refrigerated breadsticks take on the role of mummy wrappings so even your appetizers show up to the party in style.

Baby Owl Cupcakes

These adorable owl cupcakes are about as cute as it gets. Use brown and yellow frosting, almond slices, and chocolate chips to create these (almost) too-cute-to-eat cupcakes, and your guests will be hooting with happiness.

Ghostly Cupcakes

If you're planning on using a white sheet for your own Halloween costume this year, these ghostly cupcakes will match you. Drape white fondant over a stacked mini cupcake and donut hole, and these spooky cupcakes are ready for the party.

Wicked Witch Hats

Add a taste of something spicy to your lineup of sweets with these pointed witch hats. Piled high with a mix of cream cheese, shredded cheese, and chopped jalapeno chiles, it's a chips and dip appetizer you can serve with no fear of double-dipping.

Werewolf Cupcakes

Gum drops and spiky chocolate frosting turn plain cupcakes into treats worth howling for. Before you head out for trick-or-treating, have your little ones help decorate these scary-cute werewolves.

Spiky Monster Cupcakes

These monsters are just sweet, not scary. Mix up a few different colors of bright frosting, then pipe onto cupcakes to create these furry, spiky monsters.

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

Solve the dilemma of leftover Halloween candy by baking your extra sweet treats into these shareable cookie bars. Chocolate and peanut butter candies are our first choice for topping this dessert, but you can use anything you have on hand.

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