10 Tasty Ways to Turn Leftover Halloween Candy into Dessert

Halloween Dessert Nachos with apples and candy
Photo: Matthew Clark

You know how it goes. You buy Halloween candy thinking you're going to have 100 trick-or-treaters, and you end up with 20. But there's a light at the end of the almost-full Halloween candy bowl. Our easy recipes—from spooky sweets to everyday treats—show you how to use leftover Halloween candy to create dazzling desserts.

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Candy Bark


Don't wait until winter to make delicious candy bark. We recommend this delicious dark chocolate candy bark, or try our special Halloween white chocolate candy bark.

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Peanut Butter Cup Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate with peanut butter cup
Carson Downing

This hot chocolate celebrates peanut butter and chocolate, Halloween's favorite couple. Serve each glass with a pile of homemade whipped cream, chopped peanuts, and cut up chocolate peanut butter cups.

Test Kitchen Tip: Make the hot chocolate base and keep it warm in the slow cooker until ready to serve.

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Halloween Brownie Pizza

Halloween Brownie Pizza metal pan decorations tablescape orange m&ms

No tricks here. This easy dessert pizza is chocolaty, crunchy, and gooey all at once. Start with a delicious brownie base and end with leftover candy and a chocolaty drizzle. Try subbing in melted caramel or crushing your favorite chocolate bar to sprinkle over top!

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Halloween Dessert Nachos

Halloween Dessert Nachos with apples and candy
Matthew Clark

Drizzles of melted peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallows transform sliced apples into a festive holiday dessert. Top the platter with chopped Halloween candy and candy eyeballs.

Test Kitchen Tip: Swap graham crackers, vanilla cookies, or cinnamon-sugar pita chips for the sliced apples.

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Gummy Worm Popcorn Balls

Gummy Worm Popcorn Balls pile black plate party favors

Put your leftover gummy worms and candy corn to good use by whipping up a batch of mini popcorn balls. This Halloween dessert recipe makes 20 popcorn balls—perfect for wrapping up and giving as homemade fall food gifts.

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Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Blondies

Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Blondies
Andy Lyons

These rich peanut butter blondies are topped with chunks of chocolate candy bars and a generous sprinkle of flaky sea salt. Make these ahead of time and freeze them for up to three months before serving.

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Candy Corn Poke Cake

Candy Corn Poke Cake
Matthew Clark

This sweet poke cake is a must for the candy corn fan in your life! Use the leftover candies to create a homemade candy corn syrup. Drench a simple vanilla cake with the mix and top it with whipped cream and salty peanuts.

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Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars, bars, cookies, leftover candy

Your favorite candy bars and leftover Halloween candy make a quick and easy topping for these brown sugar bars. If you're looking for a healthier candy dessert, try these Banana Boo Bars.

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Monster Oatmeal Cookies

Monster Oatmeal Cookies
Brie Passano

Take chewy oatmeal cookies totally over the top with a handful of toffee candies or candy-coated chocolate pieces. We like a mix of both! This big-batch recipe makes 18 cookies so you'll have plenty to share throughout the holiday season.

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Gooey Chocolate-Caramel Bars

Gooey Chocolate-Caramel Bars
Andy Lyons

In just an hour, you can have a batch of these gooey bars ready to go. A layer of leftover chocolate and caramel bars give this right dessert it's melty texture. Let the dessert cool slightly before serving. These easy cookie bars are delicious with a cold glass of milk!

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