6 Cute Pumpkin-Shape Foods for a Healthy Halloween Celebration

Celebrate Fright Night in the most nutritious way with easy Halloween snacks that look like pumpkins—but sneak in a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables.

Not all Halloween snacks revolve around candy. (Although we certainly don't have anything against candy-filled treats that are essentially two desserts in one.) Use these creative healthy Halloween snack ideas for inspiration to include more fruits and vegetables as part of your holiday festivities.

Pumpkin Snack Board

This Halloween snack recipe is less, well, recipe, and more art project! Use dried apricots, clementine slices, dried figs, black grapes, cantaloupe, orange sweet pepper slices, baby carrots, and blackberries to assemble a smiling jack-o-lantern face a la Baker Mama. Feel free to mix in a few cookies, cheese balls and cheese crackers for a sensible snack mix that will please ghouls of all ages.

Tip: Stack triangular cookie cutters on top of your platter to make an evenly-sized nose and eyes. Start with the facial expression and stack on rows from the center out.

Citrus "Pumpkin Patch"

Martha Stewart, you've done it again! Dress up a mix of clementines, tangerines, and oranges (blood and navel) with little celery stems like the entertaining pro and suddenly the concept of eating fruit will really grow on your kids.

Orange and Black Snack Tray

Snag a holiday-appropriate cupcake liner and stuff each cavity with your child's favorite vitamin-rich bites in a black and orange color palette. @heather.happykidskitchen suggests orange cherry tomatoes, dark berries, carrot coins, and raisins.

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Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Fight back against the pre-trick-or-treat hangries with a well-balanced mini-meal that's almost as adorable as your kid's costume. These Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers are filled with brown rice and beans for fiber and protein, plus plenty of tomatoes and salsa for a solid serving of vitamins A and C (to balance out all the M&Ms on the way).

Pumpkin-Shape Deviled Eggs

Pump up the protein on your Halloween snack spread with deviled eggs like @mariaemmerich! While you could simply tint your egg yolk mixture to look more pumpkin-hued, we're partial to sneaking in some vegetables via a batch of homemade Carrot Hummus. Finish with a tiny chive stem.

Jack-O-Lantern Grapefruits with Fall Apple Salad

Here's a fruit snack you can feel good about sharing with your kids. @stephanielynnevandergriff suggests carving grapefruits instead of gourds this year, and instead of a votive candle, she places an apple salad inside. You could also mix things up by creating a multi-fruit salad with other seasonal produce picks such as pears, pomegranate seeds, and/or figs.

Tip: Keep apples from browning right away by tossing them with a bit of lemon or lime juice after slicing but before scooping inside these Halloween-themed snacks.

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