Wow! Fast Pumpkin Ideas for Your Entry

Make your Halloween decorating a breeze this year with these fast, easy, and completely stylish ideas for using pumpkins in your front entry display.

Autumn at Your Front Door

Sometimes the best fall display is simply a clever way of arranging various-size pumpkins within a repurposed crate. Let your kids have all the fun by selecting the pumpkins and placing them at your front door.

Lace-Inspired Pumpkins

For a softer touch, pair pastel-color gourds with delicate lace and raffia to create an almost shabby-chic display. Group several gourds together in a basket, line them along your front steps, or stack them on a bench to welcome your guests.

Materials: lace, safety pins or hot glue to attach lace, raffia for bow.

Welcoming Harvest Porch

Greet your guests in all of fall's glory with a mixture of containers, fall annuals, gourds, and pumpkins. Not every arrangement needs rhyme or reason to look good, so stack containers on top of each other for an easy way to add height and dimension. Great fall annuals, such as dusty miller, mums, pansies, and kale, will add color through to frost!

Materials: various gourds, pumpkins, and fall annuals

Chic Mod Podge

Make these quick, easy, and abosolutely stunning pumpkins with just a few materials. Find your favorite patterned napkins, grab some Mod Podge, and create a one-of-a-kind pumpkin to enjoy year after year.

Materials: Mod Podge, napkins in your favorite pattern

Yarn-Wrapped Gourds and Pumpkins

Yarn has such a fun texture, especially when applied vertically, horizontally, or in swirls to mini pumpkins and gourds. For extra detailing, wrap the stem in a different yet complementary color yarn. Create three to six different yarn-wrapped pumpkins or gourds to make them the focal point of your decor.

Materials: various colors and gauges of yarn, hot-glue gun, glue sticks

Sequined Monograms

Showcase your family letter in style with eye-catching sequins adorning white and orange pumpkins. Add complementary swirls and stripes to make your fall display the perfect centerpiece.

Materials: glue, sequins, rhinestone tape (if desired)

Glitter Pumpkin Topiary

Add some sparkle to the Halloween season with glitter-blasted pumpkins stacked to create an eye-catching topiary. Simply spray-paint faux pumpkins and wooden letters to spell "boo." Adhere the letters with glue and arrange in a container of your liking.  Add dried sphagnum moss at the base to fill the void between the pumpkins and container.

Materials: Krylon Glitter Blast black and orange spray paint, hot-glue gun, glue sticks, wooden letters, container to hold pumpkins, ribbon for bows if desired

Sketchbook Pumpkins

Channel your artsy side by sketching fall elements onto your pumpkin, such as leaves or acorns. To help you get started, print out and trace a pattern with pencil or permanent marker and fill in the pattern with paint – being careful to stay inside the lines!

Materials: permanent markers, white acrylic paint

Chalkboard Greetings

Welcome your guest with a personalized message on painted chalkboard pumpkins. Spell "Boo!", "Trick-or-Treat!", or "Happy Halloween!"—or switch it up as you see fit. 

Materials: chalkboard paint, chalk

Tricked-Out Pumpkins

If you can't decide on just one design, embrace them all! With a mixture of materials and a variety of applications, you can easily create pumpkins to satisfy everyone's style. This might be a good reason to use up leftover ribbon from other projects. 

Materials: permanent maker for spider webbing, sisal rope, rickrack strips, jute ribbon, hot-glue gun, glue sticks

Crochet-Covered Pumpkins

Pulling inspiration from the yesteryears – dust off Grandma's old doilies and give them new life and purpose by draping them over pumpkins for a seasonal centerpiece for years to come. Consider decorating several pumpkins in different sizes and showcasing them in a wicker basket that contrasts with the white doilies.

Materials: dried or faux pumpkins, vintage crocheted doilies, Mod Podge, paintbrush or foam brush, off-white or ivory spray paint, tin foil, wax paper

Polka-Dot Monograms

Everyone loves monogrammed decor. It puts a personalized spin to any accessory, and it's only fair to apply the same concept to your pumpkins. Think beyond basic black paint and add style to your letter – maybe polka dots, maybe swirls – either way it's sure to be one-of-a-kind.

Materials: black and white acrylic paint, small sponge paintbrush, printed letter to trace

Nature-Inspired Pumpkin Topiary

Quick, simple and all-natural! Stack two pumpkins atop a container of your choice (we think the black urn gives great color contrast and added height to the topiary) and wrap them with grapevine, natural-color raffia, and colorful berries.

Materials: two grapevine wreaths, berries, raffia, container to hold pumpkins

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

When was the last time you wielded a paintbrush other than to color your walls? It's time to show off your Picasso skills and use your pumpkins as canvases. Sketch your design with pencil or pen first—and be creative! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—you!

Materials: white acrylic paint, light pastel color paint, toothpick for detailing, dark paint for contrast if desired

Sequined Swirls

Just as you may wear sparkling earrings, every pumpkin deserves a little bling. Find a pattern or design that fits your decor  and sketch it onto your pumpkin. Trace the design with glimmering sequins that are easy to spot from across the street.

Materials: Elmer's glue, tweezers, black sequins

Decoupaged Chevron Pumpkins

Use your favorite fabric pattern (in this case – trendy chevron) and completely cover your pumpkins for a style that not only matches your decor but lasts a long time. Consider painting accent pumpkins in complementary colors to sit alongside your chevron pumpkin.

Materials: fabric (suggested pillow fabric), water, Mod Podge

Ribbons and Fringe

Ribbons are great accessories. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, it's easy to create stylish pumpkins sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. For glamorous details, add colored fringe to the top and consider painting the stem a matching color.

Materials: hot-glue gun, glue sticks, ribbon, fringe

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