Halloween Pumpkins

Dress up your home with creative Halloween pumpkin ideas using free pumpkin stencils, painted pumpkins, and unique pumpkin decorating tips. Learn how to carve a pumpkin in minutes and see our no-carve Halloween pumpkin ideas. Or visit our collection of creative Halloween pumpkins, which combines carving and decorating for Halloween pumpkin displays that will be the talk of the block.

Blue Halloween Buckets Are Raising Awareness for Autism—And You Can Help

A viral post is helping kids with autism celebrate Halloween. Here’s what to do when you see a blue treat bucket.
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8 Amazing Pumpkin Displays You Have to See to Believe

Lighting ceremonies aren’t only for Christmas trees. This fall, we’re making plans to visit the best and biggest pumpkin displays across the country.
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Target's No-Carve Disney Pumpkin Kits Are the Ultimate Halloween Hack

Decorate this year’s jack-o'-lanterns without the mess! Target’s line of pumpkin “push ins” will seriously transform the way you decorate for Halloween. 
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3 Ways to Turn Cheap Pumpkin Buckets into Festive Planters

Halloween is the time to get crafty—ideally, on a budget. With easy-to-find dollar store supplies and a little DIY effort, we turned these plastic pumpkin buckets into scary-cute planters. Grab your fairy godmother wand and get creative.
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7 Tips for Making Your Halloween Pumpkins Last Longer

Although there's no way to make your carved pumpkins last FOREVER, you can still take a few steps to extend their life. Use these ingenious tips (plus 5 must-have products!) to love your carved pumpkins for longer.
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The Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular is Halloween Heaven

Walk through a forest trail with 10,000 glowing eyes looking at you. This family-friendly Halloween event is like an outdoor art gallery of carved pumpkins.
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More Halloween Pumpkins

Types of Pumpkins

Not all pumpkins are alike, and each variety serves a different purpose. By knowing your pumpkins, you can choose the right one for a jaw-dropping fall display.
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Quick and Easy Painted Pumpkins

These aren't your classic carved Jack-O'-Lanterns. Check out our favorite painted pumpkins featuring the cute and the creepy. Plus, get our best tips for creating Halloween pumpkin decorations and displays.
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What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?

Wondering why you're seeing teal pumpkins around the neighborhood and whether you should put one out too? Read on to learn how the Teal Pumpkin Project helps kids with food allergies trick-or-treat safely on Halloween.