Make a simple fall decoration with just a few natural materials. Branches and a small wood pallet create the ultimate farmhouse-style Halloween decoration. We're obsessed with this gorgeous look.

By Alice and Lois
Updated July 29, 2019

Leave the gourds in the pumpkin patch—this DIY pumpkin decoration is a total twist on natural fall decor. This easy fall craft fits perfectly with farmhouse style and rustic Halloween decorations, and it's a great way to bring a touch of the season into your home.

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty none

What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Pick Your Pumpkin

This Halloween pallet craft is a fun twist on natural decor. Start with a wooden pallet—ours was purchased at a crafts store and measures 16 inches tall. Determine where you will display your wood sign, and use that to determine the size of the pallet you'll need. When you're ready to start creating the pumpkin, use a pencil to draw a pumpkin in the center of the board. Since you'll be covering the area with wood sticks, don't worry about creating a perfect pumpkin shape.

Step 2

Clip and Cut

To form the pumpkin shape, head to the backyard to gather some small sticks and branches. Using your drawn pumpkin outline as a rough guide, lay the sticks atop the pumpkin shape, then grab your clippers and cut the twigs to fit the shape. If you're feeling tough, you can snap the twigs for a less precise shape. We tried to stagger the thickness of the twigs so they vary across the whole pumpkin, but doing a gradient of thick to thin could also add interesting depth to your piece. Remember to cut a thicker branch piece for the pumpkin stem!

Step 3

Glue Branches

Once the twigs and branches are cut and aligned, begin hot-gluing the cut branches. Pay attention to which side of the twig can lay the flattest against the board and apply glue to that side. The more of the twig that touches the board, the easier it is to attach—and the twigs will be less likely to fall off. Choose a larger branch piece to attach to form the pumpkin stem.

Step 4

Put a Bow on It

When your pumpkin shape is complete and all the twigs are attached, it's time to add a sweet embellishment. Create a bow from plain twine, or use colored baker's twine for a pop of color. Glue the bow at the base of the pumpkin stem. Once everything is set, it's time to display your creation. The wood makes it an easy-to-hang Halloween door decoration, or simply lean it on a small table or kitchen counter.


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