These tattooed pumpkins are beautiful and so easy! All it takes is a little water and you've got a gorgeous pumpkin. Try out a temporary tattoo design on a pumpkin, and then add one to yourself, too. Plus, get more of our favorite no-carve designs.

mini pumpkin, white pumpkin, painted pumpkin

This no-carve pumpkin decorating hack is perfect for fall. Temporary tattoos are available in so many colors and designs, finding a perfect fit for your style is easy. Can't find one design you like? Try mixing tattooes like we did! 

What You'll Need

temporary tattoo-decorated pumpkin supplies
  • Faux pumpkin
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Sponge and water 
  • Scissors 

Step 1: Cut Tattoo

cutting out temporary tattoo

Choose a temporary tattoo (or a few!) to feature on your pumpkin. You can use the tattoo as is, but it's easier to place the design on the pumpkin if it has been cut out - especially if you are featuring multiple designs.

Step 2: Wet Tattoo

applying temporary tattoo to pumpkin

Place the tattoo on the front of the pumpkin, positioning it exactly as you'd like it to appear, and hold firmly in place. Wet sponge and hold down on one side of the tattoo for 30 seconds; you may need to pay special attention to deeper grooves in the pumpkin. Tattoos will stick best to faux pumpkins with a matte surface, rather than pumpkins with a shiny finish. Lift the paper backing to check that the design has been firmly attached, and then carefully repeat the process on the other half of the tattoo.

Step 3: Add Details

peel backing off tattoo

Cut out and attach your second design using the same process. Holding the sponge over the first design won't hurt it. Smaller pieces are more likely to get stuck in the grooves, so pay special attention to those when attaching smaller additions.

Step 4: Let Dry Completely

finished temporary tattoo-decorated pumpkin

Let the pumpkin dry before touching the tattooed areas so they don't smear - the perfect opportunity to test out another tattoo design on yourself! 


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