Spellbound Pumpkin

Decorate a spooktacular pumpkin with words made from alphabet macaroni.

What You Need:

Send a ghoulish message on your pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin
  • Alphabet macaroni
  • Paintbrush
  • Glossy decoupage medium
  • Acrylic metallic paints in copper, green, purple, gold, or other desired colors
  • Pencil with round-tip eraser


1. Decide what words or phrases to add to the pumpkin. Find those macaroni letters. On the pumpkin, paint a 1/8-inch line of decoupage medium where you want the words. Place the letters on the decoupage medium. Let it dry.

2. Paint the top surfaces of the letters lightly, using metallic paint. Use only one color on the entire word or phrase so it stands out as a unit. Let the paint dry.

3. To make dots, dip the eraser end of the pencil into copper paint. Carefully dot the paint onto the pumpkin where desired. Let dry.

More Ideas:

For a no-carve jack-o'-lantern, draw a face on a pumpkin using black paint pen. Let dry. Fill in the drawn areas with yellow paint pen to resemble candlelight shining through.


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