Silver Swirl Pumpkin

Long after the jack-o'-lantern candles are blown out, this silver-laden pumpkin will shine on.

What You Need:

When the time comes to toss the pumpkin, pull out the solder swirls and save them for next year.
  • Lead-free solder in desired thicknesses
  • Wire cutter
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Ice pick
  • Pumpkin


Step 2

1. Using the wire cutter, cut 2- to 8-inch lengths from the solder. Approximately 50 pieces will be needed to trim a medium-size pumpkin like the one shown above.

2. Using the photographs as guides, twist the solder lengths into desired shapes. Use needle-nose pliers to start bending the end of the solder into a small loop. You can bend the solder lengths into coils, S-shapes, zigzags, or whatever shape you wish. Leave an inch at the end of the solder to bend perpendicular to the shape. This end of the solder will poke into the pumpkin to hold the solder shape in place.

Step 3

3. Use an ice pick to poke holes in the pumpkin, approximately 3 to 5 inches apart. Insert the bent ends of the solder shapes into the holes to secure.

4. To add a solder shape to the pumpkin stem, first poke a hole in the stem using an ice pick. Shape a length of wire as desired, leaving 1 inch at an end to insert into the stem. Push the solder into the pumpkin stem.


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