Pumpkin Ballerina

This pretty jack-o'-lantern will beckon trick-or-treaters to your door with her crazy hair and fun-loving gaze.


  • 3 pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Masters carving set
  • 2 sticks; 1 carrot
  • Acrylic paint: purple, green, and black; paintbrushes
  • 1-inch-diameter dowel rod
  • Black tulle; safety pins


  1. Cut an opening in the bottom of the three pumpkins. Clean out the pumpkins.
  2. Cut out an opening in the top of two of the pumpkins, removing the stems.
  3. Cut or drill holes in one of the two stemless pumpkins for the arms.
  4. Paint alternating green and purple stripes on the sticks; let dry.
  5. Insert the arms into the holes.
  6. Insert the dowel rod into the ground; then stack the two stemless pumpkins, centered on the dowel rod.
  7. Apply swirly eyes and a mouth with black paint. Cut or drill a nose hole in the center of the face.
  8. Paint black stripes on the carrot; let dry. Insert the carrot nose in the face.
  9. Gather the tulle with several safety pins, and pin the tulle around the base of the middle pumpkin.


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