Pretty Patterned Pumpkins

Enliven a pair of pumpkins with eye-catching adornments.

Both of these pumpkin pleasers are easy to make and long-lasting. The checkered pumpkin pattern is created with metallic marking pens. The wire-wrapped pumpkin is an even quicker project.

See below for complete project instructions.

Checkered Pumpkin

What You Need: Acrylic metallic paints in teal and purple 1-inch flat paintbrush Pumpkin Metallic gold permanent marking pen Pencil with round-tip eraser

Instructions: 1. Paint a teal checkerboard design on the pumpkin. To begin, start with the center of the pumpkin. Paint 1-inch squares around the center of the pumpkin. Continue making 1-inch checks over the entire pumpkin, alternating the positions as shown. Let the paint dry.

2. To add squiggles, draw them on top of the painted checkerboard as desired. Let it dry.

3. To add dots between the painted checks, dip the eraser end of a pencil into purple paint. Carefully dot on the surface where desired. Let the paint dry.

What You Need: Ice pick Miniature pumpkin Plastic-coated wire in desired colors Old scissors

Instructions: 1. Using an ice pick, poke tiny holes at the top of each pumpkin crevice around the stem. Repeat on the bottom of the pumpkin.

2. Cut lengths of wire to reach from a top hole to a bottom hole, adding 2 inches. Bend over 1 inch at the end of a wire length. Push the short folded-over end into a hole at the top of the pumpkin. Gently pull the wire down the crevice of the pumpkin and firmly push the remaining wire end into the hole at the bottom. Repeat for each set of holes.

3. Cut a 3-inch piece of each color of wire. Twist together at one end. Wrap around stem as desired.


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